Is your "rocking" really disequilibrium?

I’ve thought a lot about how I’ve described my dizziness in the past. I usually explained it in terms of “rocking.” However, in hindsight, it is really more of a disequlibrium that appears, on its face, to be a rocking motion.

I think my body is trying to achieve equilibrium or steadiness and is missing the boat (pun intended) with the rocking-type motion as a result.

I think there are people who truly “rock,” due to a mixed-up motion pattern inappropriately adapted by the brain after being exposed to an abnormal motion sensation (like a boat). These people would be in the classic MdDS category. And, I think there are other people who may describe their dizziness as rocking who really have an issue with the body trying to achieve equilibrium where the inner ears or brain over-shoots the attempt at steadiness, and a side-to-side sensation results. My opinion is that this is what is happening in most people who meet the criteria for “spontaneous MdDS.”

I also have wondered about those people (me included) whose dizziness is much worse after riding in a car. I realized that how I feel after a car ride is the same as I used to feel after spinning around in a circle as a child. For whatever reason (damage to inner ear? Brain issue?), my body now reacts the same way to lower, more normal motion exposure (car ride) as it did to higher motion sensations (like spinning around in a circle). In other words, I have a much lower tolerance for motion.

Just a few thoughts…

I think I may have the same symptoms as you do. I cannot really describe mine as rocking. I don’t feeling rocking in my head that people with MdDS describe but I am off balance, feel like I have just gotten off a boat and have the sensation of a slight pull to the right. I have also had the problem of feeling this more strongly after I get out of the car (not quick rides but more extended trips). I am not yet diagnosed (am in the middle of testing). The doctor suggested that it could be migraine and I have also thought about mdds.

The rocking I felt was very similar to what is described in MddS. I would actually feel BETTER when riding in a car, to the point that I couldn’t feel the rocking at all. I would feel the absolute worst when I was completely still, lying down.

I can’t say for sure if the topamax got the rocking under control, or got the migraines under control and that stopped the rocking, or if it was a combination. Since I never had headaches, it was always hard to know exactly when I was having a migraine episode.

I know this is an old post but was wondering how your rocking symptoms are now? I to fee I have disequilibrium rather than rocking and I’m just starting Topamax with nortriptaline. Struggling with some side effects but determined to push through.

I am preparing an article confirming Charles Darwin had Meniere Spectrum Disorder (or even Meniere’s Disease). CD mentioned rocking, which had misled someone transcribing his diary. I think Kennedy Lane above has the correct explanation.