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Was wondering if anyone had read this ladies post.


An exceedingly good find, this one. Thanks for bringing that to members attention. It’s a brilliant story to explain to newcomers, and family and associates a typical MAVer’s experience. And so well written. She has been extremely lucky to be able to contain hers solely by diet. I wouldnt imagine many people are able to do without meds once they are 24/7 dizzy but you never know. Helen

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good one…thanks for posting

Wow just saw this I wonder has anyone got rid of all their dizziness with a diet ? :grimacing:

You going to give it a go and try to be the first? She was lucky. I couldn’t imagine it happening really but would a practising Christian lie? Read on Dr Hain’s site I believe 40% of plp can control migraine by diet alone. Think it was him said if it didnt work in a month, move on to meds. I wouldnt want to put a dampner on it but I’ve done more or less that diet for years except for Cheddar cheese, Oxo gravy and home-baked bread containing yeast. Lots of the Avoid Foods are triggers. I cannot say I’ve been that strict but, where did I leave the Propranolol.

There’s also the possibility she spontaneously improved and gave the credit to the diet :slight_smile:

I believe there is a lot to the diet though. My tinnitus can go crazy and pulsate after some meals!

There’s the possibility it was food allergy due to histamine intolerance or tyramine and diet eliminated it.

My tinnitus is strange. Whatever causes it I wonder, really. Another as yet unsolved medical mystery that will remain unsolved until space exploration is complete no doubt! My tinnitus goes away evenings, overnight and is clear first thing now almost always. It then cuts in when my balance feels challenged then tends to stay until evening or overnight whichever is next.

At this point I’m willing to try anything I am amazed all symptoms stopped in 2 weeks after 2 years of ongoing symptoms . I mostly do the diet with the odd lemon juice in certain sauces . However my main triggers are msg and cafffiend which I steer clear of :grimacing: I’d argue if people are chronic I reckon more than 60% need medication maybe they should update the statistics :slight_smile:

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Give it a go. I could do it quite easily, do 95% of it anyway with occasional lapses for which I pay. MSG, Chocolate and commercial red wine are my food triggers and ham, bacon - too much salt. Dont think can live without Cheddar cheese. Addicted and a staple but the rest. It’s worth a try. Certainly seems more than coincidence for it to clear completely in 2 weeks after more than 2 years. Assume Dr S put you on his migraine diet? Lauren one’s bit different but I’ve seen it somewhere else on the net. Remember the layout.

I’m amazed it worked unless the lady has a food allergy of some sort. Wouldnt have thought to get better without meds not once you’d got into any long term more chronic stage anyway. Oh they can manipulate statistics to prove anything. Dr Hain has statistics stating 3% of the population have MAV. Another ‘fact’ I find totally impossible to swallow. If it’s even that popular why hasnt a GP in practice over 20 years ever stumbled across it? Helen

I stick to it mostly wil def give it more of a go :slight_smile: as for 3% my Physio who was local to me said she was seeing someone like me every week so I agree and disagree I’ve met 7 people who have messaged me personally saying they’ve had mav . I just think most people do not get it as severe lucky us ay :grimacing:

Well, that is amazing. All I can suggest is the South East of England has a MAV Epidemic or, what’s more likely I suppose they have all the brainy bods thst reckonise and diagnose MAV/VM. Because it doesn’t seem to exist West of Reading. Or just maybe we in the West Country (apart from me!) are that much less stressed and don’t develop it ever. Helen

Well I got diagnosed at 19 over 10 years ago which means it’s been existing in the medical field so some time . The 2 people I know had it for a year no treatment no diagnosis and recovered . The other few are through Facebook and only realised they had it because of me speaking about it . However I refuse to believe it’s as rare as people make it out to be . A

Well we all speak from our own personal experience so that figures. O doubt it’s always been around. Why wouldn’t it. Certainly since Eve arrived on the scene there have been women with hormones and no doubt headaches. Through the years it’s had different names. That might account for some of the apparent rarity. For centuries it was known as ‘Floating Women Syndrome’ and women who developed it post partum or around menopause were considered to have ‘gone a bit funny’ and were quietly “put away” ie locked up in a mental asylum. More recently it’s been called ‘ Vestibular Neuritis’ amongst lots of other things or put down to Anxiety but recently, out West at least, it seems to have dropped off the radar. I developed it 15 years ago, was misdiagnoses with BPPV for 12 years although one GP did once refer to it seemingly by accident but inadvertently within my hearing as “Benign Recurrent Vertigo”. The existence of Migraine Asssociated Vertigo is still not acknowledged by any of the GPs in the practice I attend, and last count there was 7 of them minimum. Never mind they will catch up sometime I suppose. Helen

That actually makes me feel sad that people got locked up for apparantly going loopy when in fact we’re suffering . Oddly enough the first gp I ever saw and she was my age told me it was migraine . Can’t say Shen understood how bad I was feeling but she sent me to a neuro very early on . One thing I do hope to do is raise awareness maybe then the rest of the world will catch up :slight_smile:

Try not to worry. It’s past now. The internet’s a wonderful tool for everyone. Things improve. Anything you can do to increase general awareness would be wonderful.

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I thought the same, but Mozzarella tastes good enough for me. Large difference in tyramine between the two.

I definitely think this is possible, but it may be very individual how this step on its own will bring enough relief.

The diet is definitely worth a good try.

Cut out coffee and alcohol completely for a potentially quick win: at stages of the illness eliminating it completely maybe particularly effective.

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Wanna swap tastebuds? I wish I could accept Mozzarella as some sort of alternative unfortunately it seems totally without taste at all to me and decidedly rubbery in texture. Good on pizza, must say I’ve checked out tyramine/histamine diet before mainly because restaurants, ie eating out, is one main trigger. Could be the lights or the food. Similarities with Migraine Diet are more than coincidence for sure, and I might just beginning to see a pattern emerging for me now I’m not 24/7 dizzy anymore. Helen

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Thanks @turnitaround I don’t drink and don’t touch caffeine hasn’t cured me yet lol