Living with constant vestibular migraines


I’m Matt aged 43 and I have been suffering with constant vestibular migraines since July 2023. They initially started in 2018 when I had a routine dental treatment that resulted in a root canal being given without anaesthesia. The dentist advised that he wanted to test my pain levels. Since that day I believe the trauma to my mouth has given me this debilitating condition that has ruled my life.

Since July it has come back with a vengeance and my head feels like it’s in a vice, constant dizziness, headaches and the feeling of being drunk. I have become teetotal because drinking any alcohol just makes it worse.

I have tried all the medication recommended and nothing has worked.

I have numerous specialists who I have tried a variety of treatments but nothing works,

I am unable to take time off from work and am due to start a new job on Tuesday.

Any advice would be welcome to get my life back

Welcome to our forum where everyone is really friendly and eager to help, @Mattw8088! You can find some helpful information in the Welcome Topic here: Welcome to mvertigo and please take a look at our posting guidelines here: Posting Guidelines. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about living with constant vestibular migraines.

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Hi Matt!

I’m quite new to this forum, but have already found lots of helpful advice within the categories (namely, medications, coping & non-pharmacological).

I noticed you said you’d tried all the medications and see lots of specialists. Have you come across the HYH/VM diet yet? MSG was and probs still is a big one for me! Supplements also have research supporting their use (magnesium glycinate, B2, D3 if low & Coq10 are the most researched).

Sorry if you’ve already come across these - thought I would mention on the chance that you hadn’t!

I’ve been having a rough two months, and am considering trying feverfew or ginkgo biloba - the former has more research I think, but at this point I’m happy to try anything! Dr Shin Beh’s book is great for going through all the options (both pharma and not). * edited to add that if anyone tries Gingko, Shin Beh says to supplement with vitamin B6!


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You’ve said you tried all the medications but there are quite alot out there! Have you tried the new cgrp treatments that have been arpund for just a few years now? Also, have you tried botox? I fully believe that there is a treatment out there for everyone, whether that’s vitamins, botox, cgrp injections, or other medication.