Looking for guidance

Okay so 10mg of amitriptyline wiped my dizziness for around 4 months. My anxiety then surfaced so I started 5mg lexapro in June. Almost October my dizziness is resurfacing. I called my neuro and he wants me to increase the lexapro he thinks it will help. I was totally shocked that he didn’t want me to increase the Ami to 20mg.

I know we are not doctors but were are own advocate most of the time dealing with this. My neurologist is GREAT. I’m just so hesitant to increase the anxiety med and not the dizzy med when I’m getting DIZZIER. I wanted the opposite answer. Should I call back and pitch my plan or just listen and trust his professional opinion?

Suggest you search the database. Plenty seem to have responded well to it, Check it our under all its various names, escitalopram, cipralex etc.

Personally I’d say give it a go. Neuros spend many years training.

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Thanks Helen! I’ve read so much on it. I think I just needed a extra nudge of support and you gave me that! The phobia of increasing/changing meds is really real!

Any increase/chance is almost sure to ramp that dizziness up for a while. You just got to think long-term. And bite the bullet. Reaching that effective dose is crucial. Should eventually make all the difference.

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My neurologist, Dr Surenthiran, has made some decisions I challenged in the past. Of course, I turn to google and cause more anxiety/ thoughts.

He’s got it right every single time. I’m now increasing my dose as instructed of venlafaxine. I can honestly say it gave me my life back for five years. Felt 95% and occasionally had a flare up.

It’s been increased again to manage the anxiety of the flare ups. They linger for a couple of weeks and aren’t fun. No sudden attack, a build up of lightheadedness then a slow reduction back to 95%.

Trust them, they have the clinical knowledge!


Thanks y’all! Just increased my lexapro and down the hatch it went! Really just needed that extra bump of support. Hopefully it works!