Magnesium works wonders

I just wanted to share with everyone how well magnesium works for me. I didn’t know exactly how well until I went without it for 2 weeks. My tinnitus got louder and I was dizzy every day again. I thought that it was because i went way off the diet, etc. But when i went back on the magnesium, within 2 doses, my tinnitus was back down and within 3 days my dizziness was back at normal levels. This may work for some of you who are so med sensitive or who can’t find a medicine that works.

Thanks for the info Amy. I too suffer from tinnitus. How much Magnesium do you take?

I take two 250 mg pills in the AM and two 250 mg before bed per my GP and neurologist. I hope this works for others as it has for me! The tinnitus is still there, but I have to “look” for it almost.

Interesting timing, as I just saw my “headache” doctor/neurologist who said it is useful for headaches and confirms what we have posted here earlier (see the Supplements post on the second page). Seems doctors Cherchi in Chicago and those at the U of Pitt medical center headache clinic agree that magnesium, 1000 mg a day, can help with migraines. Mine also suggested taking 400 mg of B-2 along with it. She noted both help with aura of the migraines. So I am pleased to read here some actual stories about magnesium being beneficial to someone, although I hadn’t heard it being used for tinnitus or balance.

AMY - did you notice a difference in your headaches when you went off of it?

(Side note: magnesium can cause diarrhea in some people, so she suggested starting off with half the dose for the first week as the body adjusts.)