Mav & bppv poll

How many of you have MAV and BPPV? I know they are separate conditions but I have read that they sometimes go hand in hand so was wondering how many of you have both?


@sarbear I was diagnosed with bppv Nov 2015. Five treatments with physio therapist (epley maneuver) - very successful. Two days later started experiencing what I believe is MAV (three months now), but my doctor had not heard of it. Currently, trying to eliminate food triggers while I wait for MRI appointment, and possible referral to ENT. Good days and bad days, starting to lean more towards good days if I am really careful about exertion and diet. I have had a bit of massage therapy (only 15 minutes at a time lying on my side). Also, have a chiropractor who does not do ‘cracking’ but rather neurological pressure points (no needles either). Great breathing exercises too. It’s irritating, but I am sort of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck - I hope you are getting some help and relief.

Sorry you are in this, too. Can you tell me a bit about what the chiropractor does? Which points and which modality?
Did he say anything about you being out of alignment in your cervical spine?

Thanks :).

Hi there, I believe the practice is called neuro optimization. Not sure about which points? I initially went to address a progressing hump in my upper back/neck (family history) but it’s in better shape. Mostly go for maintenance. Does that help?

Hi Christine.

Thank you for your fast response - do you think it’s helping, the Neuro optimization? Have you felt any improvement from it? Thanks a lot again :).

It helps in a very general way, with overall health. I can’t honestly say if it’s helped specifically with the migraines, but definitely helps release muscle tension in my upper back and neck, and encourages deep breathing. What I am finding very helpful is eliminating triggers. For me, it’s exertion, red wine, chocolate, old cheeses, nuts, citrus and especially MSG and aspartame.

Thank you, that’s helpful. My neck and upper back muscles are so tight and spasming a lot. Maybe I’ll try it.
I hope you keep improving.

I have both

I have both as well. I just started physical therapy three weeks ago, along with having a few tests. My BPPV was so bad, only made it through half of the tests. However, the physical therapy did calm the BPPV. I was originally misdiagnosed as MM by two previous ENTs, but I don’t have the hearing loss or fluid issues that are classic. I’ve had tinnitus in both ears and motion sickness all my life (42 yrs). I’m hoping that this new doctor can guide me and help me to feel better, and I really hope without too many meds. The older I get, the more difficult it is to lead a normal life with the daily dizziness/motion sickness and once a month or so vertigo.

I do. I was diagnosed with BPPV when I was 31. It only lasts a few minutes and I need to sit very still after it happens. I’ve only had it happen a few times since that initial diagnosis. I am now 42 and during the fall of 2014, I was treated for a constant headache that started after having an episode of BPPV. The horrible vertigo only lasted a few minutes (although I felt semi dizzy for a day or so). Finally, in early 2015, after several medications, I went to a neurologist who said what I was experiencing was MAV. Have been taking propranolol and no headaches since early 2015. Also, no episodes of BPPV…

Since BPPV involves calcium crystals in the ear being dislodged from their proper place and since Magnesium seems to help with Migraines, (Magnesium helps absorb calcium), I do believe there is a relationship between calcium and migraines and or MAV.