Migraine Associated Vertigo and monthly periods?

With the risk of getting off topic here, how do you deal with the deficiency in that case?

No idea. Cannot get to the bottom of it. Maybe it’s the right level for me. Never been tested before. Side effects, apart from the hormonal ones, were typical of taking too much Vitamin D. Opinions vary widely on levels necessary so who knows. Maybe there’s some tests a Functional Doctor could come up with to find out why I cannot tolerate the supplement. If you believe the internet Vitamin D3 is non toxic virtually guaranteed below 4000IU/daily and easily tolerated. May just be due to MAV hypersensitivity. Who knows.

One of the side effects was an increase - it became virtually constant - in the autonomous symptoms one associated with both MAV and hot flushes, the shivery, some described as ‘goose pimply’ type, ‘about to go down with the flu’ type stuff and I have subsequently discovered this could possibly be caused by the fact vitamin D can change serotonin levels in the brain.

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Connection to menstrual cycle? Yes yes and yes. I’ve been keeping a calendar with all my symptoms. And it is very consistently that I experience vertigo right after my menstrual cycle Ends.
I was wondering if others saw a connection to this and so I am glad you have posted. I am 38 and my vertigo symptoms started about 9 months ago. I had never had any form of vertigo in my entire life.

I am on the antidepressant Pristiq as well as Trazodone for sleep, and then I added another for my thyroid. 30 days after starting my thyroid medicine levythyroxine , I got a severe vertigo attack. An audiologist diagnosed me with vestibular migraine. I asked my endocrinologist about it, and she said sometimes generic medication has more fillers and can cause symptoms. So she switched me to Synthroid which is brand name thyroid medication. My symptoms are slightly less but are still there…

Anyways I feel like there is some sort of link between the thyroid medications and my hormone levels. But for sure it is related to my menstrual cycle. I have about 12 bad days after my cycle, And then the rest of the month is fairly normal and not so severe. Really sucks. The process of trying to figure everything out. It seems like most people on here are from the UK? They seem to mention a specific doctor all the time. I am in the US. I wish everyone the best and I am glad to know I’m not the only one :heart::heart::heart:

lol, agreed, our diet affects everthing!

Urgh periods are the actual worst! Yes Amy they cause massive issues for some. Interesting that yours starts at the end of your cycle. Mine are at the beginning. Huge classic migraines for 20 years before turning into this dizzy rubbish 5 months ago. I’m 38 too. A BPPV attack triggered my vestibular migraine (I say migraine as it hasn’t quite left me). But… the cycle exacerbates it majorly.

And how unfair right… we cannot do anything about it!!

I’m in Australia, but I’ve heard of some good ones in the US. Chicago rings a bell.

Good luck!

Hormones have much to answer for.

Another keyword worth searching in ‘Catamenial migraine’. But you’ll find plenty of references to hormone links on here.

Seems your dipping in so far hasn’t proved particularly representative. There’s a visitors map on the home page. Please do check it out. The US is well represented.

As you know exactly when your problems occur a specialist, Functional Doctor maybe?, should be able to establish which hormone or lack of is responsible and maybe that can be treated? I’m no medic but it’s worth trying to find a root cause if you can. Of course it could be vitamin levels affecting or rather hormones but any possibility is worth investigation.

Based on the study, the primary reason for dizziness before your period is due to hormonal changes but, does not exactly associate with vertigo. However, hormonal fluctuations might contribute to dizziness relating to the ear.

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I’m wondering if I always feel worse a few days before my period. My periods never used to affect me and they haven’t since I became ill with MAV but the past few months I’ve started to feel worse before my period and my symptoms have ramped up. Why all of a sudden is this happening?

I didn’t notice any difference with my menstrual cycle when i first developed vm but a few years later i started feeling worse every time there’s a change in my cycle - week before period,when it starts, when it ends, ovulation. I notice it even more now with each change through the whole cycle. My cycles are regular, don’t have bad pms or anything. I think my hormone levels are ok apart from slightly elevated androgens which shouldn’t affect vm. So maybe ordinary hormones of a menstrual cycle are triggers?

I would think so - more sensitive to the ups and downs. Sadly MAV seems to make us more sensitive to just about everything. Could it be age/hormone related - I found it all got worse for me in my mid 40’s

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Oh no really?? Has it at least improved after that? I’m really worried about peri