Migraine lenses

I wonder if anyone gets comfort from special migraine lens glasses? I have some from Migralens in UK and I ordered some from Theraspecs (with FL41 lenses). I’ve had the Migralens for 4 years but I don’t know if they make any difference to be honest… and the Theraspecs ones I ordered 10 weeks ago and they never arrived, so I got a refund off Ebay.
That aside, I wonder if anyone has had any relief from these instruments?
My theory is that if people with MAV/VM/Menieres etc suffer with walking in the dark, why would anyone want to darken the view by wearing dark tinted lenses? Wouldn’t that make things worse? So do mine work? Probably not.

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Migralens Theraspecs (US)
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Wait, why’d you get a refund from eBay if you purchased Theraspecs?

I can attest to the Theraspecs working for me. I get headachey and weird after 5+ mins under florescent lighting and/or BRIGHT led lighting. With the Theraspecs on I can handle all day with them on. I have some breakthrough symptoms but that’s usually by end of day sometimes (4ish) if the weather really sucks and I’m not feeling high speed.

Oh and I don’t have the dark tinted version, just the regular tinted version.
I do think sometimes when I’m having that breakthrough by end of day it’s a combo of bright light and florescent lighting. Thought what if I try out the dark tinted version when I feel like to see if it’ll mitigate for that moment I’m feeling really vulnerable.

The Theraspecs have helped me be able to walk freely into IKEA, Home Depot, grocery stores and even concerts where lights can be very bright.

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Theraspecs (US) WearOver Theraspecs (US)
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I got a refund because they never turned up at my house - never delivered! SO I didn’t find out how good they might have been.

Hi, I wear somnilight glasses, heard about them from the migraine guy and I’d be lost without them. Really help me on a bright day inside and out, in my worst days in the past I even wore them watching TV as the screen brightness hurt my eyes. I got glasses that sit over my prescription glasses, they came from america pretty promptly. They are tinted amber and look pretty decent too.

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I bought Migralens about the same time as you. I was really bad with MAV at the time and unmedicated. I put them on and found I could do a Tai Chi workout for 30 minutes almost without symptoms of imbalance at all. Trouble was I couldnt see whether the toast was burnt, whether I’d put milk in the tea cup. They were so dark. And it may sound very obvious but with tinted lens, when do you take them off. TV looked peculiar through them. I darent walk outside in them because I couldnt see edge of steps. I sent them back for full refund. Maybe they would be OK during acute attack for plp to avoid drawing curtains. I dont know.

I bought Theraspecs direct from the Theraspecs company in US. Brilliant service, they were here in 6 days and I could track the delivery on line by the minute. They arrived on time to the minute all the way from Arizona I think it is. I bought both, indoor and outdoor. Never worn the outdoor ones at all. I have wraparound sunglasses I prefer. I’ve found it impossible to get used to the pink tinge, TV screen colours most peculiar. So they are here, somewhere it the back of the dresser still in original package. I was too ill when they arrived and got outside return times to send them back. I’ve had some interesting articles from Theraspecs about the use of them and photophobia sent through since. On their site, if interested. Alot of plp seem to get on with them particularly for supermarket shopping. I’ve never tried that.

Interesting I did use a pair of wraparound amber tinted glasses for TV, overcast days indoor and general use really for many months very successfully. Designed to reduce glare when driving they came mail order from a company caled Chums and were a free gift if you bought wraparound sunglasses for about a tenner! I later loaned them to a sister in law post cataract operations and she was delighted too,

My light sensitivity has responded well to the preventatives and, on a good day, I can do some supermarket shopping fine now without extra tinted specs. On a really bad day, I’d stay away. In between I use the wraparounds.

In UK any decent optician will make up a slight, 6%?, tint either grey or brown to suit and you should be able to wear it all the time. Won’t work with Reactalite lens as well though. My optician was very dubious about the pink tint saying he thought that it could cause migraine, it’s so unnatural.

As I said trouble is with excessive tints is, when do you take them off. The Migralens were so dark as soon as I took them off, I was blinded and dizzier than ever for hours.

@Space_Cadet please dont be tempted to wear sunglasses indoors for any length of time. Your eyes will quickly dark adapt.

@nin. Never heard of these but I found amber easy to adopt to. Just put them on and was OK which was strange because My brain couldnt accept that pink! Looked like we were about to hv a thunderstorm all the time looking outside and indoors truly weird colours. Felt nauseous.


The Theraspecs simply work for me for work… at home and outdoors I don’t wear them at all. It was just the thought of the tint for a quick 20 mins at work.
There’s a migraine woman also in a cube over and she used to do sunglasses and a big Brimmed hat. Slowly over time she got better, she still gets a migraine every morning she wakes up though.

I would like glasses that work, but aren’t a colored tint at all. That’d be nice.

That is very interesting Helen. Especially that bit about reactalites which I have all the time, under the migralens clip ons. I wonder if that is exacerbating the problem. Of course, none of these things would effect a normal person.

I think they help lots of plp with computer screens and supermarkets and are probably a godsend in case where one can’t tolerate preventatives. If it helps, do it I’d say.

Yes pity it’s the pink colour that works. Could be difficult for guys particularly. My other half wouldn’t wear them. He freaks out at a pink shirt! I did read if somebody in the net got same reluef from a fetching shade if blue. Might be worth checking out. Nearly said ‘looking into’ there! Helen


‘Rose tinted’ view of life 'n all!

Very hippy!

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Not too sure about that. Balance, Eyes and brain very closely linked. Give a person without balance problems glasses with an incorrect prescription and they get dizzy, nauseous and start walking into walls. As for the ‘normal’ person I know exactly what you mean but well remember the VRT Therapist who, when I Said “I wish I was a normal person’ retorted. “you are perfectly ‘normal’. You just have a medical condition. It’s no worse than a broken leg except it’s less obvious’. Or words to that effect. Cheers. Helen

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Nin - very good - I’ve just ordered some :slight_smile:

As a side note, I saw this article a few days ago:

And from that article looked into this:

Meanwhile, my hubby read the original article and promptly ordered some plastic glasses from Amazon:

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Uvex Skyper Blue Fitover Anti-Blue
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I haven’t tried them yet. Do these look like any of the types that you all have worn?

Yeah, I got f.lux, it works great.

I haven’t downloaded it yet but will do so after reading that you like it. It’s nice to have a recommendation from someone who’s tried it!

My coworkers exclaim “What on earth happened to your monitor?! Your screen is awfully yellow and dim!!”

I just smile with satisfaction and respond “ah yes, yes it is…”

I just downloaded and installed it! My husband said, “Wow, your screen looks really orange.” I need to read their website to learn more about how to use it. I can already tell it’s going to be better than wearing those orange glasses. :slight_smile:

I love how these glasses producers seem to be hedging their bets?

Lenses of Amber, Pink, Green, Orange … is this a personal thing?

Turnit lol yes I think it’s the same with meds and spectacles too. Try any med or try any coloured lens. People just want peace in their heads don’t they. I suppose all these attempts are in favour to jumping off a cliff.


LOL! Yes almost anything is better than that. Keep the faith that you will improve! :dove:

(I shouldn’t laugh because even I’ve felt that was a better outcome at one very very low point)

Agree on the sunglasses! I have two pair of Axon Optics red lense migraine glasses I wear indoors in the supermarket and big box stores. I’ve not been wearing them as much lately since my photophobia has improved. However they have been a lifesaver for the past year! Others I know have mentioned that they worry that people look at them funny… I couldn’t care less how people look at me :laughing: If it helps prevent a full on vertigo attack! Here’s the funny thing, I have a pair to wear in the house too. Our house has a wall of west facing windows and the sun absolutely comes pouring in. These are my “sunset” Axon Optics glasses that I wear!

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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses (US only)
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