Migraine stopper

Hi… has anyone tried the migraine stopper? Claims to work with all types of migraines by stimulating the trigeminal nerve by air through your ear?

I’m not too keen on anything going in my ear… particularly not to rock the BPPV boat, but I was curious, anyone try this? And with success?

I think this might be same/similar to something discussed end of last year, just a while before you joined up,
(Has anyone tried the Zok device?)

If it is we will merge the two threads.

If it is I would expect to get the same kind of responses. It’s always worth remembering one of the calorific tests carried out includes filling ears with water or air to bring on symptoms deliberately. And one tip I was given years ago by a vet who never to put anything in an ear, human or animal, that was smaller than your elbow! Btw the last time anyone stimulated my Trig nerve, I paid a well trained physio handsomely to do it, the ensuing vestibular attack lasted 11 days.

Just maybe, for straight migraineurs who have never experienced vestibular symptoms, it might work. Who knows. Once you are chronic and/or hit the vestibular stuff IMO it would be absolute madness. All through my adult life pre MAV I regularly had my ears syringed, with warm water by a nurse at surgery, to remove wax build up. I would come straight out from the procedure and drive on to a full and busy day’s work. Never any reaction. After MAV but pre chronic state Once since I have had them syringed by an ENT consultant using the modern air suction method and my husband had to hold me up to get back to the car and I went home to bed. So I will certainly pass on that one thanks.

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I find it very interesting how migraines might be relieved by such a measure. There are even ear plugs for the purpose. What is going on there physiologically?

a insightful comment. I am having migraine, but I think i havent experienced VST symptoms yet.

I will take not of this. thanks