Movement causes the feeling of being pushed and pulled?

I feel great when I sit down with my head supported, or when I lay down. This makes me feel almost normal. But when I am standing or sitting without my head supported, any movement will set off a pushing/pulling feeling on my body while im moving and it lasts a few seconds after I stop moving. And sometimes when I try to walk, I feel like my body is being pushed and pulled in an opposite pattern to my movement. It essentially feels like being seasick. Do many MAVers experience this?

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yep. i feel like someone is pushing me in the back when walking. when it first started up i would fling forward if i stopped ,walking even just a few steps(still have that feeling but dont actually do it anymore). i close my eyes and always seem to fall to the right. for the first year i had the spins constantly no matter what position now 2 years + on i get some relief lying/sitting. Got your tests back yet??

Thats an interesting feeling you describe. Im still waiting for my VNG results. The audiologist doing the testing said that they see A LOT of patients with MAV. Her initial opinion was that MAV is fairly unlikely for me, but not impossible. I should be hearing back with the results soon.

From what I’ve read over the last couple of years a lot of people get the feelings you describe, although for a variety of causes (MAV included). I had a lot of feelings like that when I was at my worst. I rarely get them any more, although I still occasionally get a feeling of being pulled backwards when I stop my car at traffic lights/in a queue etc. It’s a bit unpleasant/weird, but I suppose over time I have got a bit used to stuff like this and manage not to panic about it. I think perserving with doing stuff (running, walking, driving etc) helped me to get over it. And also I had some vestibular rehabilitation therapy.
When are you going back to get your results?

I would always get a ‘pulling to the left’ feeling when walking - pretty much constantly. Never to the right - always to the left (along with the other, usual feelings of inbalance, unsteadiness, marshmallow/trampoline/spongy floor, etc). All these feelings are starting to clear up, now that I’m getting to the right dose of Topamax (and have given it enough time on the drug).

I get my VNG results back in a few days. Im anxious!

i get the same sensation also. Ive had my MAV for 12 years now, at first when i got the MAV i was in bed for most of the day for 3 years cause everytime i lifted me head off the pillow my head was tugging me in all directions and my nausea was unbearable, but once my head was supported by a pillow i felt so much better. These days i still have the pushing and pulling all the time but i think ive just learnt to live with it .
I dont even remember what its like to be normal and not have this.

Something weird happened to me like a week ago. I was going to sleep and I felt like something was pushing me well not really pushing but it felt like something made me just jolt proward all fk a sudden and I dont know why I’ve searched it up and some people think its becuase of a ghost

Neurological-type symptoms when falling asleep

Maybe this will help.

Yes yes and hell yes. I feel these symptoms 24/7 but they stopped completely when I was in remission

You juts probably lack enough sleep and rest, you can also get good nutrition for your eyes and brain.