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Nausea alone as VM symptom?

Hi everyone

Little background: I was wondering if what I’m experiencing this week is possible of VM or it sounds like something else is causing it.
I was diagnosed by a neurologist and was referred to a neurologist “headache specialist” who I see Monday for confirmation and treatment of VM. I also reached out to my GI doctor yesterday who does not feel it’s GI in origin but wants me to confirm with neuro on Monday. She said if neuro does not feel it’s vestibular related then we can run a bunch of GI tests. Praying that’s not the case cause I don’t know if I can deal with a separate problem right now.

My newest (since December) and worst VM symptom is motion sensitivity. I get really motion sick in the car as the driver or passenger. For this reason I haven’t gone anywhere in 3 months. I also get worsening of VM symptoms right before and during my cycle including nausea, but the last 3 months they get better again in a day or two and I return to “baseline”.

This month, I’ve been nauseous and dry heaving since Tuesday, so I’m on day 5. I did get a wave a light headedness with the nausea starting on Tuesday.
The reason that it seems vestibular related is that I sleep fine and the nausea starts as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. The weird part is I really don’t feel lightheaded which is my main VM symptom. Can nausea occur on its own as a part of VM?

I haven’t thrown up but I’m nauseated to the point that I can barely drink or eat. I finally called my PCP yesterday and they prescribed me a few Zofran pills to get me through the weekend until my appt on Monday. They help a little bit. The nausea comes in waves, I can’t really correlate it to movement. I’m up and down moving all day with my kids. Before I got the Zofran, taking Dramamine helped a little bit also.

I’m really scared at this point. I’m scared that the neurologist won’t know if it’s VM related. I’m also scared that I’ll have to wait for a preventative to kick in, which I know can take a while, for this nausea/dry heaving to go away.

I know it’s hard to say for sure, but I’m looking for insight/advice or if anyone has experienced this?

Edited it to add: I have already had my gallbladder removed and I take a daily med for Acid reflux so that’s why I’m already seen by a gastroenterologist.

We can’t diagnose here, but sounds like it might be vestibular.

If the nausea is chronic consider a suppressant like Amitriptyline. Worked wonders on mine at only 20mg. Also deals well with motion sensitivity. Occasional breakthrough in the early days but got it almost completely under control

Ooops, apologies, yeah you had to give up Ami, perhaps give Nort a try?

You need to keep calm because the anxiety will make it worse. It won’t kill you or harm you and it’s unfortunately common. Stay cool!

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First, the very obvious question. Any, even the remotest possible chance you could be pregnant?

Don’t panic. It’s not long til Monday. As @turnitaround says we can’t give you a diagnosis. But just speculating nausea is a very common symptom with MAV so I don’t see why it couldn’t occur as a lone symptom. It was a Main symptom every day for me for about 18 months. Main but not solitary. Could just be your vestibular system has become so hyper it is reacting to every bit of motion that it comes across so just constantly being stirred. I had that problem with light and was at one time totally light intolerant. Nausea can also be caused by anxiety. It could also be brought on by some interaction between several medications. There seem to be plenty of possibilities and I’m sure the neurologist will know others I’m not aware of.

When it comes to GI issues there may well be a link. Abdominal migraine I had as a girl. There are very strong links between the digestive system and the brain. There’s the vagus nerve etc etc so don’t think of the connection as being a separate problem to have to tackle. It’s always been there and might possibly already be linked anyway. Each of us is a whole person made up of many component parts and they all have many links and associations. You don’t name the acid reflux medication but I know I have had issues with prescribed acid reflux meds myself actually giving me indigestion which can of course make you feel nauseous. And more as an aside than anything I experienced vertigo each time and every getting off a proton pump inhibitor. Just goes to show the strength of the links.

Keep calm. Anxiety will just wind everything up more. Not long til Monday though it feels ages waiting I know. Don’t forget to let us know how things go.

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My symptoms started with nausea building up gradually over a few months, then I started throwing up and ended up in hospital as it was so severe and I lost a ridiculous amount of weight. Once the vomiting was under control, I was severely nauseous for a couple of months and had gastro tests done before the dizziness and everything else really kicked in and I was referred to ENT. Similarly, I couldn’t link it to anything which was incredibly frustrating. Strangely, having been vegetarian for years, the only thing I could really keep down was chicken! It was only once the ear pressure and swimminess started that things went from bad to worse, as if it wasn’t hard enough already! I too am badly triggered by hormones, a lot of people here seem to be sadly. Good luck with the neurologist, go armed with your questions ready and take someone with you if you can xx


Thank you for responding. I am definitely not pregnant. I’d actually prefer that because then all the nausea would be for a good cause.
The last three months I have had this happen when my period starts but it usually only lasts a day or two. This time, it hasn’t gone away. This seems to be proof that hormones are a huge trigger for me.

That’s interesting about the acid reflux medications. I’m currently on Protonix. I actually had it switched in December because I thought my nausea was due to an acid reflux flair. Looking back it was more likely my new MAV symptom.
I’ve been on something for it for 11 years. I’ve had it switched a few times over that period because it seems that after a while one will stop working for me. I was also off of them completely for a while when I was pregnant.

That’s kind of what I was wondering, is nausea alone possible. Usually I get the nausea with the lightheaded feeling, but for the last 4 days, I haven’t really had that. It’s sometimes still hard to believe that you can have all this without a headache.

I didn’t feel anxious up until this started and stayed. Maybe I was subconsciously anxious about my upcoming appointment and having to get in the car. Knowing I’m self-inflicting that sick feeling upon myself makes me anxious. And I’ve tried all the tricks and natural remedies in the car and they don’t work. Dramamine is the only thing that only slightly helps.

I’ve only been dealing with my MAV symptoms for seven months which is nothing compared to a lot of sufferers. I’m just feeling really hopeless lately and having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It breaks my heart that I can’t take my son to preschool.

I have my questions all written down and my mom is coming with me.
Did you get any improvement? What ended up helping you?

If you tap on @CB2006’s avatar it will take you through to read all her posts. She’s written it all up in great detail and very interesting it is too.


Thank you, I will!

I said I will but maybe now is not the best time.
Just reading that she was vomiting to the point that she was hospitalized gives me major anxiety. I always assume what happens to others will happen to me. Anxiety is not my friend in this.

I briefly read one of your posts before I decided maybe it’s best if I wait until my anxiety settles. Reading other people’s “lowest points” really triggers me.
But I saw that you had your hormones tested. I just had a long list of blood work drawn a week ago including estrogen/progesterone and inflammation markers. Waiting on the results. It was a functional medicine doctor who ordered them as I’m all of a sudden so greatly affected by my hormones. I’m not necessarily banking on relief through this doctor but just maybe some answers.

Anxiety is never anybody’s friend.

Come along. Bit of positivity here please. Yes she was hospitalised with it so would I have been on several occasions. Unfortunately my doctors are so mean they just jabbed me in the bum with a ton of Prochlorperazine each time and sent me and my accompanying bucket home. Where I live in the U.K. you have to be either in labour or at death’s door before they let you near a hospital. They are far too mean. My point however is that both @CB2006 and I are still alive to tell the tale. I haven’t had such severe sickness from MAV for years now since being on medication. It will pass. @CB2006 works as a teacher so I doubt she need to take a bucket to work with her. Once they get your medication sorted and that anxiety is better addressed you will see improvement.


@turnitaround I tried amtriptyline but after 10 days it was making my heart race so my doctor stopped it. I’m going to discuss nortriptyline with my new doctor on Monday. I’m unaware if it has that same risk.
I really liked the amtriptyline and was hoping it would work for me because it caused me no other side effects.

By the way, I know I replied wrong to you. I’m still trying to figure out this forum.

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Ah, i’m sorry you didn’t get on with Amitriptyline…

Not your fault, @Onandon03 reminded me you’d failed Amitriptyline (she’s always on the ball like that! :soccer: :+1:), so I deleted my response to you, which was of course invalid.

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I wondered why I had an email with your response but couldn’t find it on here. At least
I’m not losing it ha


No, you are definitely not! :slight_smile:

Yes, ooops, missed the email cut-off time, naughty me! :blush:

Let me undelete the message and update it so this Topic flows better.

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I did NOT know you could do this! Interesting! Sorry for the detail, not known for my ability to be succinct :joy:


@Onandon03 is right, I haven’t had sickness to that extent since hospitalisation. And also, I was abroad at the time and not in a very good way. Please don’t worry, it was not my intention to panic you at all! It’s so scary being in the middle of all this, especially when you are waiting for answers. Test results seem to take ages to come through when you just want to know what’s wrong with you. I can wholeheartedly sympathise. I am 20 months on from being in hospital, I’m back in work, taking medication, managing my symptoms for the most part, things are much improved and there are so many success stories on this forum to give hope and also to inspire!

I did indeed have my hormones tested, via my Nutritional Therapist - called the DUTCH test, I did the full cycle mapping if you were interested in having a Google. It’s definitely given me some answers.


Thank you so much. Do not apologize. It’s not you. I’ve just been so down this week from feeling sick all week. I’m sure the lack of food and water isn’t helping my emotions.
When I’m feeling better, reading stuff like that doesn’t bother me.
What’s great to hear is that you improved.

I’m 33 and I’ve often feared that I’m in some sort of premature ovarian failure/peri menopause. I know it probably sounds crazy but your mind goes to far away places while you’re sick waiting to see a doctor. It’s my fear because my husband and I don’t feel that our family is complete. We have two kids, 2 and 4. Now I don’t know what the future holds.

I looked at the Dutch test but was hesitant about spending $400. Depending on what my blood work shows, it might still be on the table. I’ve read that blood work is not as reliable for hormones. Thank you again for sharing your experience. The hormonal aspect is very relatable for me.

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Not at all, this is extremely common with vestibular conditions, it’s part of the fallout.


A woman after my own heart then. Don’t apologise. Remember your words will live on here to be eagerly read by newcomers in the future. They will appreciate that detail as much as me.

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Thanks for your help as always! I will share an update after my appointment on Monday.

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