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Anyone tried it? I see that it supposedly works for migraine and anxiety. I had my first session the other day and I’m interested in anyone elses experience with this therapy. It’s going to cost a small fortune but if it helps the anxiety/migraines it will be well worth it.

Tried EEG biofeedback, a number of sessions, a few years ago; didn’t do squat for me. Hope it works better for you.

‘New’ EEG-Neurofeedback device, the Axon, due to be trialled next year in New Zealand.

I was interested to see Dr Silver who is well known in the VM/migraine world commented.

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Interesting article. It seems to work for pain, I wonder whether it would work for Vestibular Migraine as well?

Now there is a question. I’ve no idea how similar these devices are to say a TENS machine which is designed for chronic pain and which @TexOkie says saved him from one vestibular migraine brought on by VRT.