NEW FEATURE: Topic Templates (initially for Personal Diaries)

Hey all,

Things are pretty mature these days, but I’m pleased to announce a great new feature: “Topic Templates”.

This pre-fills a new Topic depending on which Category you are posting in.

So far this is just implemented in #personal-diaries Category.

If you post a New Topic in this Category it will pre-populate it with a site-standard structure for your Diary Topic.

Several users including myself, @flutters, @Onandon03, @JanB, @dizzy3 (to name but a few) have taken the time to create one of these and it’s extremely useful to quickly understand people’s backgrounds and history.

As previously stated I will make this a wiki allowing you to keep it up-to-date as your condition morphs and hopefully improves! :slight_smile: (If I forget to convert it to a Wiki please hit me up with a PM).

Please make as many of your personal progress updates as Replies to your Personal Diary Topic as possible. Maintain only one.

If you have any suggestions for additional features, please do not hesitate to let reply to any Site Stuff post (inc. this one)