SITE TIPS: Post your Personal Diary (with the correct format)

First go to #personal-diaries (this is important to pick up the template!).

Hit + New Topic.

This will pre-fill the Topic with a special Template which will form the Summary of your Personal Diary.

Be creative with the Title.

Leave the bold bits and the links alone, fill in the answers in normal font. There are plenty of good existing examples, but e.g. My journey to Hell … and (almost) back.

Going forward, you can then post your significant personal updates in this Topic as new posts. You can also keep the summary up-to-date (if I remember to convert your first Post to a Wiki - please remind me if I don’t do this.)

Consider SITE TIPS: Expose Your Diary

(this feature was first announced here: NEW FEATURE: Topic Templates (initially for Personal Diaries) )