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SITE TIPS: Expose Your Diary

You can now feature a Topic in your User Card by going to your Preferences, Profile here:


I suggest selecting your #personal-diaries *(might be easier to search for if you give it a unique name first by editing the Title in the Topic).

This will then show in your User Card like so:

*NB This might be a good time to create your Personal Diary if you haven’t yet got one. To do that go to #personal-diaries (which navigates to that Category) and hit + New Topic and it will create a new Topic with the special pro-forma. Don’t delete the contents area and don’t delete the bold stuff. I will make your first post a Wiki so you can keep your summary up to date on an ongoing basis. Ping me if I forget!

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Well ain’t that just a natty little update. Clever that. Like it. Thx James.