One month ago I couldn’t equalise during scuba diving ...

One month ago I couldn’t equalise during scuba diving and experienced ‘gurgling’ and a blocked feeling/tinnitus during the dive in the right ear. A few hours later I experienced strong vertigo (albeit only this once), main symptoms now are persistent low level dizziness (exacerbated by exercise), some hearing loss in the right ear and headaches. I’m a little concerned this might not heal by itself as I also descended again after surfacing from the diving (the dive instructor seemed to think my symptoms were ‘normal’ and I took multiple flights to get home from the dive location. The symptoms also appear to have gotten a bit worse over time

Are there any interim lifestyle changes you could possibly recommend in the meantime whilst I wait for a diagnoses? It seems staying hydrated, avoiding any pressure changes in the ear (heavy objects etc) and keeping the head upright might be good options based on what I’ve read from your posts/others on this forum.

Would you also know if any doctors in the UK offer the blood patch surgery? This seems to be a low cost/risk option.

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer!

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Yes, and popular in the US, don’t know of anyone here in the UK, but others may chime in.

You should definitely see someone asap, but don’t panic and be prepared to be patient as ear problems can take an age to settle, but settle a lot nonetheless.

Significant hearing loss is a red flag though so you should go see someone sooner rather than later. Prof Saaed is a good choice.

Keep us posted and the very best of luck!

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Thanks - I’ve already seen a private ENT and awaiting MRI/CT scans, he seems skeptical of PLF so far. Fistula test and other basic in office tests were negative. Thanks for the recommendation Prof Saeed sounds highly knowledgeable on this - will look to make contact with him.

Will keep the site updated in case this can help anyone else!

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PLFs are intermittent and hard to prove. They can lead to low perilymph pressure, and hence endolymphatic expansion (hydrops). This can outlast any active perilymph leak.

Try taking an antihistamine. Claritin or Zyrtec daily … it will help!!