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Some articles related to MAV and Vestibular Migraine

A Study of the Correlation Between Migraine and Vestibular Vertigo
correlation_migraine_vestibular_vertigo.pdf (783.8 KB)

Carving Out an Identity for Vestibular Migraine
Carving Out an Identity for Vestibular Migraine.pdf (60.5 KB)

Dizziness and Vertigo: Recognizing Vestibular Migraine in the Primary Care Setting
recognizing_vestibular_migraine.pdf (652.5 KB)

Epigone Migraine Vertigo (EMV): A Late Migraine Equivalent
epigone_migraine_vertigo.pdf (267.7 KB)

Migraine Associated Vertigo–Baloh, Cha
baloh_migraine_assoc_vertigo_jcn-3-121.pdf (143.5 KB)

Migraine-Associated Vertigo–Benson, Meyers
Migraine-Associated Vertigo Overview, Epidemiology, IHS Migraine Classification.pdf (152.7 KB)

Migraine–More Than a Headache
hopkins_migraine_patient_handout.pdf (130.3 KB)

The Intimate Relationship between Vestibular Migraine and Meniere Disease: A Review of Pathogenesis and Presentation
vestibular_migraine_meniere.pdf (537.9 KB)

Vestibular Migraine, Migraine Vertigo, Migraine Vertigo, Migraine Associated Dizziness
Vestibular Migraine, Migraine Vertigo, Migraine Associated Dizziness.pdf (57.2 KB)

Vestibular Migraine: The Most Frequent Entity of Episodic Vertigo
Dieterich-Vestibularmigrainethemost.pdf (900.4 KB)

PowerPoint presentation: “Meniere’s Disease or Migraine Associated Dizziness: That is the Question?” (note this is two files; split because the original was too large to upload)
Thu-0900-MeniereDisease-Brammeier_Pages1-18.pdf (2.1 MB)
Thu-0900-MeniereDisease-Brammeier_Pages19-38.pdf (2.3 MB)

Vertigo and Migraine: How Can It Be Migraine If I Don’t Have A Headache?
Medical_Progress_November_2012_SG_extracted.pdf (1.4 MB)

Dizziness and Migraine

Articles about vertigo in general

Assessment and Treatment of Dizziness
assessment_treatment_of_dizziness.pdf (219.1 KB)

The Treatment and Natural Course of Peripheral and Central Vertigo
2013_treatment_peripheral_central_vertigo_Dtsch_Arztebl_Int-110-0505.pdf (646.2 KB)

Cochlear Fluids - Endolymph and Perilymph
Cochlear_fluids.pdf (370.8 KB)

Endolymphatic Hydrops: pathophysiology and experimental models
endolymphatic_hydrops.pdf (206.6 KB)

Epidemiology of Dizziness
epidemiology_of_dizziness.pdf (138.0 KB)

Meniere’s Disease: Diagnosis, Natural History, and Current Management
Meniere’s Disease Diagnosis, Natural History, and Current Management Lance E.pdf (159.5 KB)

The Otolithic Catastrophe, A New Syndrome (1936)
tumarkin_otolith_brmedj06850-0013.pdf (724.8 KB)

Treatment of Vertigo
aafp_treatment_of_vertigo.pdf (696.1 KB)

What is Meniere’s Disease? A Contemporary Re-evaluation of Endolymphatic Hydrops
menieres_endolymphatic_hydrops.pdf (584.2 KB)

Vestibular paroxysmia: diagnostic criteria
2016_Vestibular_paroxysmia_diagnostic_criteria_Feb2016_strupp.pdf (68.2 KB)

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