Other Support Groups

Other Support Groups.

On the web:

Specifically on FB (Facebook), but proceed at some risk (see below):

NB Facebook has recently demonstrated that it is not to be trusted with your personal data. You give up an incredible amount of privacy and your anonymity. I think this is one of the huge benefits of using mvertigo.org. Consider the potential impact to your credit rating, employment prospects and insurance costs by using your real identity when discussing a chronic medical condtion! Another benefit to the broader community of not using Facebook is that if you post helpful information on here it can be found on search engines unlike Facebook which is a closed system.

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Apart from all the points you make about the FB pages, James, there is the pure enormity of the reading matter/posts to wade through - especially if, like me, screens pose a problem for you! With thousands of members…it’s just mind boggling - and repetitive!


Yes. I find Discourse (mvertigo’s ‘engine’) much easier to navigate than FB groups! FB groups are a disaster when it comes to organising information. And you are right, the smaller numbers of active users makes it a bit more ‘cosey’ and you are able to get to know people and their cases more easily.