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POLL: Have you/do you intend to take a COVID vaccine?

Have you/do you intend to take a COVID vaccine?
  • No, definitely not
  • No, unless social restrictions like travel are too inconvenient
  • Yes, eventually, once it’s proven
  • Yes, as soon as possible
  • Yes, in fact I’ve had one shot already
  • Yes, in fact I’ve had at least two shots already

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NB Poll restricted to Trust Level 1 members and above. It’s anonymous.


If anyone thinks I’ve missed a critical option, I’ll add it in and restart the poll! :slight_smile:

@emmasaga hopefully this will help answer your question. Feel free to discuss attitudes here.


I’ve had my first shot of Moderna and will receive my second dose in a couple of weeks!


I’ve had my first dose of Astra Zeneca and it hasn’t made my MAV symptoms worse, I was concerned that it might. Just to reassure anyone, I’ve been fine


I’ve had both moderna shots. No problems other than 24 hours of not feeling well, like most moderna people say. Pfizer people seem to have less after effects. Totally worth it. Much less anxiety in the world now and knowing I am protecting others and my loved ones.


Not yet. Still waiting for further studies of the vaccines. Based on the news, some of the vaccines have side effects.


Done with 2nd shot of pfiser yeserday. Feel sick today, my skin is super sensitive, but no relapse into MAV territory…


Took Pfizer both shots did not trigger symptoms both times even though I got pretty sick with the second dose

I had J&J two days before they paused it in US and no issues.

Will be having the first shot by next week. Praying for a safe procedure with no side effects.

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Completed second dose of Pfizer in March for all the good it did. I’m still required to wear a mask.

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Has anyone had the vaccine who happened to take the antibiotics ciprofloxaxin and flagyl?

I’ve had the vaccine and taken Cipro in the past, not recently. I haven’t had any issues.

Oh ok that’s good to know. Thank you

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I thought, you are not allowed to receive vaccines if you are taking anti biotics because it would affect the effectivity of the vaccines. That’s what the health center told me.

I took it a year ago. I’m asking because at the time I’m thinking the antibiotics had something to do with my dizziness flaring like crazy

Hey did you get dizzy with taking cipro? Did it affect your VM?

If it was taken a year ago, its safe now. Its normal to feel dizziness after being vaccinated.

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I took cipro antibiotics over a year before I had the covid vaccine.

I had no dizziness with the covid vaccine.