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Covid Vaccine

Natural immunity isn’t in the profit motive.

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I have had both Astra Zeneca shots and I didn’t notice any increased vertigo or dizziness. I had other symptoms but it didn’t flare up MAV at all

All you say is so right; back in March, and even more so these days.
I’ve come to the conclusion that people are so gullible and therefore they make their choices and take their chances.

Mostly I just want to be wrong.

Hi what’s the consensus here? Has anyone had a good experience? I’m still in a relapse and don’t want worse symptoms as many of you don’t want but I also don’t want covid

I am good, I dont feel any side effects so far and hoping there would be no adverse effect.

I’m 48 hours post vaccine and have a little more dizziness than my usually daily. Can someone give me some hope because I was just on vedas message board and it was badddddddd

I was fine. Had horrible flu symptoms 18 hours in then it went. Good luck

Thanks! I hope it doesn’t change much

Which vaccine did you get? I am not sure whether I should get Pfizer or Moderna. I am worried about dizziness.

I got Pfizer. The first dose of Pfizer is ok, it’s the second that’s worse.

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The first I had a small headache and slept like a log. Sore arm though for days. The second also gave me a sore arm, but this time I woke up at 2am with chills then fever and sore achy legs. Was fine by the morning.


I’d read everywhere that that would be the case, more side effects from the second dose. Very different side effects from you but I too proved that to be the case. Interestingly that didn’t apply to the AZ blood clot was the first dose that caused that.

I got the Pfizer and I’m only on the first dose

It really should be fine. Just listen to your body. It’s busy making an immune response so might be tiring you, causes a few symptoms. It should pass x

I’m hoping that’s what it is. 3rd day and dizziness was worse today. I hope it passes and is temporary

Had my second dose of Moderna two days ago felt awful on the day after better today but dizziness is bad head pressure too. Still I don’t regret having it I’m sure Covid is worse…

Yeah I’m sure COVID is. I’m hoping it passes !

Are you still dizzy four days after getting Pfizer @Lunapalm?