Posted just today! Video talk on Vestibular Migraine 2021 Migraine World Summit

This talk should be especially useful to people whose diagnosis is relatively new. Good ACTION plan towards the end of this 30 minute video.

Talk: Understanding Vestibular Migraine - Migraine World Summit

Also Dr Shin Beh has written a book called “Victory Over Vestibular Migraine”.


Yes I’ve also watched. Interesting what he said about menopause… that a large amount of people show a transition between classic migraine and vestibular migraine on or after this time. And here I was hoping it would all just improve dramatically after menopause. So that and BPPV attacks will always be lurking.

Also interesting that he said there are more medications specifically for migraines in the pipeline.

I’m giving it 10 years. By then I’m hoping for all of to have full consistent control over this! My wish.


Yes, that was my experience. Migraines dried up … Yay! Vertigo arrived! :roll_eyes: But that was quite a while ago now and you can manage it quite well with the sort of approach this dr outlines.

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Yes! I noticed that one particularly too. Imigran (a triptan) when it arrived on the scene was a lifesaver for my migraines.

Please don’t tell me it’s gonna get worse after this lol I’m only 30

But any talk on someone who got VM in early 20s how would this show during menopause?

I don’t think I ever had classic migraine. Never had the head pain real. Just headaches

Would the VM get better during menopause since I already had IT?

Fair play for posting this up. I watched it yesterday and he’s very articulate about the condition. Love that he treats it as a type of migrane rather than lob it under the classic migrane.

Well worth the 30 mins especially if any has an upcoming neuro apt who doesn’t get it or where you even struggle to explain the symptoms


Did anyone else hear puffs in the ear and have a nauseating flashback to caloric testing? I hope it’s better than that. I wonder how you wander around in the world with an ear puffing machine attached to your head.


Has anyone tried the Zok device?

I heard it Em. And shuddered. Not that I’ve ever experienced the calorific test. According to @sputnik2, and I have no reason to doubt her word, it fell out of favour here in U.K. some time back so I missed it. Phew. Though, that said, I’d long since lost count how many times I’d had my earwax syringed by irrigation pre chronic MAV and never ever experienced an adverse reaction. When I had my ears cleaned by suction by an ENT as a hospital outpatient he managed to make one ear bleed so it still does on rare occasions.

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Thanks for posting that. I really will have to listen through again. Very informative. Brilliant for newcomers. Or for educating open minded doctors. Unfortunately on here it’s rather preaching to the converted. What I’d loveto do is to lock up in isolation all the various GPs, ENTs, and other ‘experts’ I’ve ever had dealings with whilst trying to fight my way through this condition until they had watched this and passed the test!

I could really have done with an appointment with Dr Beh about 18 years ago although I suspect he was still in school back then.

I found the reference to menopause very reassuring. It confirmed something I’ve noticed on here and despite the specialist neuro I saw trying to tell me there’s no connection and by inference inferring the timing of my own condition was in many ways ‘odd’. It’s good to know it’s acknowledged that It is actually a common occurrence.


I’ve gagged or puked three times in a medical setting - caloric testing, when the VRT PT tried the BPPV maneuver and fairly regularly at the dentist. The hygienist is afraid of me and dreads X-ray day as much as I do. I always show up fasted but she freaks out anyway. It’s very comical - to my family.

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Strange how differently we all react. I’ve been motion sickness on occasion throughout childhood and only ever travel by courtesy of habituation since MAV. I have been constantly violently sick over days with MAV and even dry heaved all through my Covid jab reaction but I was never sick through a BPPV Manoeuvre. And I must have had about a dozen over the years.

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