Pushing through side effects to get better

hi, i 've been reading your posts with ineterst. Having tried some meds I have found that after about 10 days they made my MAV syptoms worse so I quit them. However your wisedom received from Dr Hains etc seems to advise pushing through the barrier of worsening symptoms to a better place were the symptoms recede. I am not talking about side effects necessarily here. Is this the idea? I took amrtriptyline which worked the first day I took it then stopped working then after 10 days wosened my symptoms at whcih time I gave up . Should I have continued to persvere with it?

Hi Fiona,

I can only speak for myself and the med I tried and am still on (Prothiaden/Dothep) but I would say, yes, push on until at least the 2 week mark if you can bear it. I had hideous symptoms to begin with and they did get worse when I started Prothiaden before I started to get better. At that stage it was so overwhelming I certainly couldn’t pin point any specific side effects, just generally increased awfulness. As I titrated up however, each time I did have side effects, but they all settled around the two week mark. My only remaining side effect that I notice occasionally is a visual hallucination on waking of giant spiders crawling over everything! I am actually terrified of spiders (I’m Australian so that actually makes perfect sense, our spiders are nasty, poisonous things) but it doesn’t really bother me. I know they’re not real and they disappear within a few minutes. When I saw my GP a couple of days ago and he was asking about side effects and then we looked through the “official” side effects which included ‘increased or decreased libido’. He and I both rolled our eyes and he said “oh, really, that is so random, they may as well just say anything could happen”. Too true, too true.

Good luck!