Both visual and auditory hallucinations can occur both with our condition and as a result of some of the drugs that are used to treat it. However they occur with other conditions too. I was fascinated to see this article relating to visual hallucinations with Charles Bonnet Syndrome.


Just had to find out more about this.

We obviously don’t have CBS but the brains the same and these hallucinations are related to brain input/output that’s not functioning optimally. Could be reassuring to know ‘we’ aren’t the only ones to experience such things.

Pushing through side effects to get better

Getting somewhere,visual symptoms and a question

By the look of it, on here, spiders are a popular feature. All I’ve had, so far, is beautiful colours, either like stained glass in a church window or large bedsheets of colour on the move. And of course the occasional fleeting black bird shaped shadow a very common one I understand.