Site Migration

Hey all,

the site is about to be migrated. during this time there will be no ability to post or sign up, would appreciate your patience, thank you!!

My experiment with a cheaper, lower spec server has not gone well, so I’m going to move mvertigo back to a server with the original specification.

The main issue was with upgrades - whilst page response wasn’t bad, updating anything took ages and meant the site was down.

A faster server should mean we can perform online upgrades so there is better availability of the site.

Please bear with me as I put the site into read only mode, back it up and move things over.

Back in a while! :sweat_smile:

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I might add this review was facilitated in part by the generous donations that came through over the Holidays!! Thank you guys!

OK we are back up. Hopefully we have a complete restore!

Enjoy the new :rocket:

FYI I’ve just fixed the missing mobile logo …

Hi there, I wonder if this migration has something to do with the fact I got an email from this site, using a different profile name, and welcoming me to the group?

Hi Kathleen, that’s interesting! And welcome back.

Have you ever signed up with more than one account?

Feel free to share that email contents with me in a PM if you are in any way concerned. (Hit my avatar to bring up my User Card and hit Message)

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