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Sleeping too much is bad for migraines - why?

In this forum I have read several times that sleeping too little or too much is bad for migraine sufferers. I can understand why not sleeping enough is bad for migraines, the brain is wired and stressed and this can trigger an attack.

However, I don’t understand why sleeping too much is supposed to be bad for migraines. For me, sleeping calms my nervous system and I would think that this is beneficial. I usually sleep between 8 and 9 hours per night and sometimes I have a nap in the afternoon (maybe once or twice a week since I had my VM attack). I usually have a nap when I start to feel dizzy or nauseous. The nap last for about two hours and I feel fantastic after I wake up. I feel calm, energised and happy. If I have a nap twice a week, that would certainly be considered as sleeping too much. I feel it is beneficial for me, so why is sleeping too much considered as being bad for us. Am I missing something?

Because the issue is not just “migraines”? (“aetiology” and “diagnosis” are two different things)

Head position lying in bed can be a problem. Being reclined for too long can make things worse.
You should not recline during the day if at all possible, imho, for exactly this reason.

I too have seen all the literature saying the same. Conclusion I reached is that it is believed that these sensitive brains prefer a structured regulated lifestyle. Regular meals, consistent sleep, regular exercise and so on. Though in practice I can’t really imagine anybody actually manages to live like that not on a regular basis. Thought is according to the literature our brains dislike the changes. Responds better to consistency.

I’ve known lots of people, my own mother who was definitely not a migraineur for one, who would never have a lie in. She always got up as soon as she woke up whatever the hour otherwise she’d develop a headache. Personally I love to lie in.

If you are happy with your current sleep pattern I wouldn’t bother about changing it. Daytime naps are another thing that isn’t recommended. Personally they make me nauseous but then again I cannot cat nap for ten minutes sitting upright in a chair. Never could. I rarely shut my eyes other than in bed but that’s just me. Other people rely on afternoon naps. @LucyLabrador for one last time I heard.

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I just read through @LucyLabrador’s story and this is what she said: “massively: resting for two hours every day no matter what, after lunch, in a dark room, with no stimulation whatsoever”. This is definitely me once or twice a week. Thank you @Onandon03 for mentioning her posts!

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For what’s it’s worth, I am a big sleeper! 9-10 hours a night. Easy. Could go longer too.

Too little sleep definitely brings a headache for me. Between 7-9 is normal for an adult.

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Daytime nap

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