SLOWLY making progress :)

Hello everyone,
I’ve been very hesitant to post my improvement. I started on 25mg’s of Zoloft over a month ago. I chose Zoloft bc I had so much success with Cymbalta and Nori but had to get off both bc of side effects. I’ve read so much information over the past year linking serotonin deficientcy with vertigo (thanks Darren!) When I first started the Zoloft I had increased headaches and vertigo 10 fold, I was so close to ditching it but I knew I had to try to stick it out . So after about 2 weeks things settled down a bit and I started to notice a tiny bit of improvement. After 3 weeks I upped to 50mg’s. That was a nightmare. The headaches were horrific and the vertigo made me bedridden for a few day. Again, after a few days, things settled back down. Now I’m at 50mg’s, and I’m really starting to notice a difference with the vertigo. I still suffer, and I still have some really bad times, but overall, I’d say I’ve improved about 40%. Possibly 60% on a good day. I still have a lot of problems with the car, weather and hormones. The headaches are about the same, still very frequent and very bad. I have to find the right med for the headaches, maybe try another Beta Blocker, one with less side effects than Inderal, as it made my vertigo worse. So anyhow, in the past few weeks I’ve been able to do things I haven’t been able to do in a while. I’m also very adamant about walking every day and following the migraine diet to a T. I have found that almost every one of the foods on the migraine diet are triggers for me. I never drink caffeine, I haven’t had chocolate or onions in months. I do however, drink a glass of wine here and there and for the most part I’m fine.
So, I don’t plan on increasing my dosage, and hopefully I won’t have to add another medication. I’m hoping that over time the Zoloft will keep helping me and get me to at least 90%. I just wanted to post an update on my progress as so so many of you have been so helpful and compassionate. I’m so grateful I found this site and found such support.
Maybe one day I’ll be able to post a success story. Fingers crossed.

Such wonderful news!!!

Thank you Lisa, I hope I didn’t jinx myself in writing this! It’s thundering and lightning out right now, you know how great I do during storms :(!!!

Oh Elisha - that’s wonderful! Know that we’re all in there pulling for you and keep us posted. Storms make me worse too, but the right meds even made those reactions less severe over time. Hang in there.

Elisha~I sighed a breath of relief when I read your post. I know your not all the way there yet but I know how good just a little amount of improvement goes.

It’s funny, we think the same way because I was scared of writing anything about the improvements I’ve had because of jinxing myself.

Well I’m so happy that you weathered the se’s and stuck with it. They almost always go away for me too.

Please keep us informed of your progress.


I’m so glad you are starting to feel better! I hope that you continue to do well; please keep us posted.

So very glad to hear this…and that you had the gumption to stay the course with the medication:) I’m terrible with storms too but the last one didn’t seem as bad, as I didn’t get the splitting headache…“just” the dizzies.

Fabulous news Elisha! Well done on sticking with the med through tough times. That takes real courage and I’m glad it’s paid off.

Great News!!! Thanks so much for posting. Fingers crossed for ya!

so happy for your small progress! baby steps are so important and keep “walking!”

I was so happy to read your post. It’s wonderful that you are having some really good days, even a few 60%ers. I know how good it feels to have days like that, where you feel so much better.

I have a question about what side effects you had from taking the Nori. I am on Nori and the only side effects I feel are dry mouth and weight gain! I think the weight gain is from the Nori but not sure. My appetite seems to be so much bigger than it has ever been. I am a slim person, but I have gained about 15 lbs. I know I am eating more, but Dr. Hain SAID I would gain weight from the Nori. Did you have that experience on Nori?

So glad to hear of your improvement. I certainly understand the feeling of “jinxing” ourselves about posting a Success, 'cause we don’t know for sure what tomorrow will bring. I am holding my breath about my improvement, too.

Congratulations and keep letting us all know how things are going. xoxo Meredith

Brilliant news Elisha. Really glad to hear things are getting better like this. :smiley:

You’ll are so kind! Thank you so much for all the well wishes!!! I’m hoping and praying this is the med that is going to finally kick this for me!!!

Meredith-Nori gave me insane headaches, that was why I had to get off it.

Hopefully you only go up from here! Great news!

Elisha, I am SO glad! You made my day… Congtats…

Elisha, I just wanted to add my good wishes to you too and I really hope you’ll soon be able to post with confidence on the success story thread. It’s always fantastic to hear positive news. Also you’ve made me think about letting things slip - I need to get back to walking every day and tightening right back up on my diet. So thanks for mentioning those two things.


Hello luvvie

I’m just catching up on posts now after a few weeks of travel and I’m stoked to read there is some light showing for you. Stick it out girl… make sure you’re getting plenty of rest, fluids and all the good stuff to help your body and brain!

Ps - I’ve decided in the next life I’m coming back as a fish. They almost have no brain right? So they will NEVER get MAV!! :smiley:

Reading everyone’s replies made my day! How great all of you are! I can’t tell you enough how much all the encouragement means to me!

Muppo- You are too funny!!!

Great news Elisha and long may it continue. Love reading success stories! :smiley:

Wonderful news Elisha!! I am so happy that you are making progress.

Take care,