Successful without complete HYH diet

I’m sorry if this has been asked, but there doesn’t seem to be a good way to search it verbatim. Has anyone bypassed the HYH diet and just eliminated major/obvious food triggers like chocolate, caffeine, dairy, red wine and been successful in improving?
The HYH diet stresses me out, and stress/anxiety is definitely one of my big triggers.

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I tried dumping the 6Cs but in the end worked out that not much of that guidance helped me. Giving up caffeine and was perhaps the most useful, followed by alcohol and maybe MSG. Chocolate might have made my brain rumble a bit at times. Giving up milk was pointless as was citrus.

This should probably be a poll to be properly useful btw.


Migraine Diet

Might give you some clues? There’s a big chunk in the middle where somebody’s explaining how the stress caused might well outway the benefits.

My observation is that migraine diets are pretty much obligatory in The US and, apart from a very few specialists, pretty much unheard of or not bothered with in the UK. The migraine specialust neuro I saw said not to bother as it would make no difference. However it’s many years since I touched chocolate, red wine or citrus fruit. And I have a good reason for that. Quitting caffeine is a pretty general and sensible suggestion as is avoiding MSG, easier typed than activated. Dr Hain from memory suggests very similar restrictions but far from a migraine diet. I take my hat off to anyone who can stick with one for long. Personally I find it virtually impossible. I am always reassured by various figures I have seen quoted that they only help a very very small percentage of people.

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Thank you for sharing your experience! I think you’re right, a poll would probably be helpful.

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My stress around searching for “hidden” MSG and avoiding everything that contains “natural flavors” while cooking for my family of four most likely outweighs the benefits. I am more then happy to give up the big ones and already have. Thank you for putting it into a better perspective for me.

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Here’s an existing one as an example:

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Very interesting that the majority does not follow a super strict diet.

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I’m of the same opinon as Helen and James.

I have eliminated caffeine completely for 3 years now, MSG when known and obvious and everything else I allow myself to have in slight moderation. And I don’t like alcohol, so that was easy!

I do think the HYH and 6Cs are important when your first starting out, to help identify what your specific triggers are. Some people may not have dietary triggers at all and can simply go on with life. I found Caffeine and MSG were two chemicals that do not agree with my migraine brain.


Agree with @Naejohn - I did the 6Cs and also added a few bits from HYH but have found a happy medium with low dose amitriptyline, magnesium and avoiding MSG and caffeine, oh and aged cheeses. It feels like such an individual thing though really triggers.