My nuero suggested l buy sunglasses with a red or brown lenses to only allow blue light coming through.
Does anyone know if this helps, and where can l purchase them? I live in Noosa australia.

Thanks sue

I tried it, found it helped a little, then found sometimes taking them off was what helped. I’m less sure than I was at first that the color matters much.

I sometimes use a dark brown pair of prescription sunglasses and they really do help. I think the reduced light is one reason but another reason seems to be the bigger lenses which mean I don’t get a lot of unfocussed vision as I would do with my normal glasses. I sometimes wear them on cloudy days and also indoors.

In addition to helping with Visual Vertigo, tinted glasses are said to help with migraine and epilepsy.

I get the impression that the exact choice of colour varies from person to person but I imagine (justguessing) that colour is not a great deal. Some specialist opticians use “colorimetry” to help match the right colour tint to you but this is relatively expensive. (A few hundred pounds here in the UK.)

Take a look at the VV case described on this page. Visual Vertigo Syndrome (Journal Article Review) | The VisionHelp Blog

I also notice Scott has posted about when he was suggested to try green glasses!


I went to a neuro-optometrist on the suggestion of Dr Hain and she tested many different colors of glasses for me. She ended up giving me blue glasses. I have regular glasses with a slight blue tint and darker blue sunglasses that I often wear indoors if I am somewhere with fluorescent lighting. They help a great deal. Occasionally, if the sun is quite bright, I have large brown sunglasses that will fit over the blue sunglasses! I am very photophobic.


Thanks so much for the article and your thoughts, will go to optomertrists and get some new glasses.


I bought two pairs that were specially treated with the anti-migraine lenses from the John A. Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah. You send them the glasses and they coat them with the special coating and send it back to you. It’s $40. It helped me a lot when I was first suffering from MAV. Once I started on the medication, I don’t wear the glasses so much. They looked pretty cool and I could wear them indoors, basically I wore them all day. You can search my posts for a longer description, you will find the details on it.

Thanks heaps

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I need to get me some glasses, quick

This post is down but Scott how did this go? I see the green is recommended for jetlag

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