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Types of Specialists

You may come across the following types of care professionals and specialists.

  • Primary care physician: Can be either a General Practitioner (GP), an Internal Medicine specialist (Internist), or a Family Practice physician.

These guys will often refer you to a specialist, and I’m going to refer to them as your ‘primary specialist’ that takes your case permanently from your local doctor wrt this condition:

  • ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist, also called an Otolaryngologist
  • Neuro-otologist, also called a Neurotologist
  • Neurologist

These guys are often located in a special hospital, ward or ‘balance centre’. Some countries offer free public consultation, whilst in other countries you will need to pay to see someone (also known as ‘going private’).

And in turn these chap(ette)s may refer you to a:

  • Audiologist who specialises in testing for diagnostics.
  • Physiotherapist specialising in VRT.
  • Psychotherapist (who can provide conservative mental support strategies)
  • Psychiatrist (who can prescribe medication to help with anxiety or depression)

You can find specific, subjective recommendations for specialists and ‘balance centres’ in this Category

The Menieres Society maintain a list of recommended ear and balance doctors in the UK & Ireland:

If anyone knows of an equivalent list for other regions, feel free to let us know.

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