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Vertical heterophoria uk

Hi guys

Anyone offer any advice or recommendations how to get tested for vertical heterophoria in the uk??
I am just want to get tested as I seem to meet the criteria and have scored a high number on a test in the USA


You’ll find most Mavers initially at least appear to meet the criteria. Do bear in mind MAV is far more common than VH. To be absolutely sure you are given a correct diagnosis with regards to VH you need to seek out an appointment with a Consultant Ophthalmologist. In the UK Consultant Ophthalmologists work out of hospitals or even specialist eye hospitals. A Behavioural Optometrist, who by definition will have Vision Training expertise, may be able to give you some idea though I’d say, from my vast personal experience of Eye Doctors in the UK, go for the Consultant and be sure. A Behavioural Optometrists is a high street ‘optician’ with advanced training in Vision Therapy and there is a national society that represents same which can be found on line.

Oh, and btw, if any eye doctors below the level of the Consultant, just happens to say ‘we could always just try adding in a vertical prism and see what happens’, grab your possessions and run for it quickly. I have known this happen to unsuspecting people and it is not a good idea. What you have to remember is, as I was told many years ago by an Eye Specialist, ‘Eyes Is Balance’.

If you use the forum’s search facility you will find several threads relating to VH well worth reading and also a link I put on to a paper on ‘Vertigo of Oculomotor Origin’.

Hi onandon03

Thank you again for your in-depth response, I will have a look at your suggestions later.
I am just looking at different avenues really, I don’t seem to be making any progress with my condition am still not 100% convinced Mav is
My main problem and as the symptoms fit the eye condition better than Mav it can’t do any harm having look at this option


Early during my first search for answers, I went to see one of the doctors trained by Dr. Debby Feinberg. I was diagnosed with vertical heterophoria first, and after a few weeks of using the prism glasses (which was dreadful, I was nauseous all the time), I went back for the check up and was diagnosed with something else I can’t remember, they put prism only in one eye. After a while, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I went to vision therapy, and those doctors did not see any obvious vertical misalignment, but I did do 3 months of vision therapy, which helped a lot. I sometimes do some of the exercises. Mind that for vertical misalignment, vision therapy does not work well, because our eyes can move vertically independently. But, also, in a study I found digging I found that a lot of us have vertical misaligments. Dr. Feinberg’s practice-based argument of this tiny misalignment is somewhat questioned by other eye specialists. So be mindful that if you don’t go to one of their trainees, they will probably won’t find any misalignment. There is an easy test though, you can patch one eye for a few hours to see if your symptoms get better. Dr. Feinberg argues the relief in symptoms is almost instantaneous. I was on a facebook group of people diagnosed with it by Feiberg and their trainees, and very few found relief. Most were diagnosed with vestibular migraines. I remember a particular case of a girl that swear by the glasses that those were that were making her better but she was also on ami and taking benzos… too many confounders!
Here is the info:

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