Vertigo attack

I have been on flunarzine for about a week now on a tiny dose of 2.5mg. I have noticed feeling very tired and more rocky than normal.i woke up this morning and I immediately fell over to the floor. This has not happened to me before. I literally was walking in zig zags could not see straight or find my balance. I couldn’t even stand to get my kids ready for school. This has never happened t be before to the point where I am falling. I’m really scared. And literally having palpitations. I can’t get a docters appointment although I’m sure they won’t be able to help me. I have vm. But never had this sort of attack. Please help could it be the flunarzine? Has anyone else experience this?

Don’t worry. You WILL LIVE. I’ve Been there many times. It’s horrid. Were you seeming to move or was room moving? Both is true rotary vertigo. It’s always been my main MAV/VM symptom. Virtually always starts as soon as you wake up. I have had it up to 72 hours constantly, or very time you open your eyes or more your head or body. If you sit still with closed eyes, often it’s OK. Phone doctor and ask for something to take to stop nausea short term because true vertigo is usually accompanied by vomiting in many people. This is just in case ut you will need prescription drugs which will control it… Buccastem is ideal if you can have that with your flunarazine.

Sorry, no idea if it’s coming from the flunarazine but if you had VM 6 years and never had vertigo before it might seem quite likely, ot could be from the combination ofdrugs you take. Speak with doctor when you can. Sometimes they carry iut Epley movement which may help but often they just want you to sit it out. Helen

I normally get rotational vertigo. But I think this was true vertigo and the room looked like it was spinning and I was too.this was the worst attack I have had. My head has felt weird all day and I feel like my balance is shot

This sounds awful I hope it passes quickly for you. I know that medication can make you dizzy but never heard of it causing vertigo but I guess like Helen said if you don’t normally have attacks like that it could also be the meds. I didn’t realise they was different types of vertigo I thought vertigo was just the room spinning.x

It’s weird but the vertigo I feel is more like I’m moving and rotating. I haven’t been able to walk straight. My 3 year old found me in the floor and was so scared. Feel like an awful parent I don’t want my kids to see this

Ahhh my heart goes out to you…i tried Flunazarine last year it was too powerful for me…i couldnt get up on a morning for work…its so hard. Im not good today either i wish my nose and ears would just burst and be done with it and feel like im being pulled to the ground…im bkaming the high winds but who knows???
Jo x

It could be contributing. The winds are bad everywhere

Do you have any pain at all along with your debilitating vertigo?
Jo x

Migraines neck back pain too

Do you try any triptans? They give me pain relief but its only ever short term rescue. And the SE’s are horrible. Im with you on the neck pain as well…stiff and very painful

Please don’t feel like an awful parent, your such a strong parent having to deal with this. I also have a three year old daughter. And it’s hard keeping them from it but your only Ill so don’t think bad of yourself at all. How long have you had vm for? Has your vertigo got better since this morning? X

yes please, don´t feel like an awful parent. The last months have been difficult with this condition, but I have learned to “play” with my son while I am feeling drunk with this.

I hope you are better now, and you get a good night sleep.

Tristan’s don’t help me atall and make me drowsy so stick to peppermint oil migraine glasses and trigger point for my neck.

Sounds as good a plan as anything else…without the side effects. Hope your feeling better tomight
Jo x

Thank you. With this feel anxious never knowing when I will feel bad

Veena I used to get these but one day they stopped. Not had one in a year at least. I hope yours settle down too.

What helped settle them?

Time in my case. I made sure I didn’t lie flat (and still don’t - a rising wedge of 3 pillows) to keep head elevated and head pressure down. I make sure I drink lots too.



True vertigo is rotary. Either self or environment appears moving, Neuro-otologist told me that the day he diagnosed me. It’s very diagnostic of migraine apparently. He said ‘migraine causes vertigo’. Personally I’ve always found the self motion version slightly preferable having had more than adequate experience of both that is. Helen

Would that be water or red wine james😄
Only joking!
Jo x

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