Vestibular migraines / aura migraines

Truthfully this all started a few days after I had my abortion on May 1st. I was 2 months . After the procedure is when my body started to feel different mentally, physically and emotionally. Down to the light having a affect , feeling weird in my body and having mood swings .

I started to feel like this around May 22, 2020. I was eating wing stop when instantly I started to feel dizzy. I quickly stopped and went to lay down .

As days progressed on my mood started to change . They would go up and down . One minute I’m happy the next I’m feeling sad or urge to cry .

June 4th I had a breakdown and started crying which lasted for about 45 mins. I talked to my mom and she helped calm me down .

June 6th I went to my mom house and felt weird mostly the whole day . I ended up spotting while I was there . This was the first I came on in two months .

June 7th I woke up feeling mad for no reason. I wanted to go off for no reason . I wanted to cry and even felt myself wanting to have another breakdown . I texted my therapist and my friend to calm me down .

June 8th I woke up with a good attitude. I went for a run and came back in . Spoke to my on and had my session with my therapist. Later in the day I was asked to cook and instantly my mood changed. I was upset . I wanted to cry for the rest of the night .

June 10th I noticed my skin was more dryer than normal after I had got out the shower . I normally don’t lotion and I’m not the kind of person who is ashy . So noticed my hands which was weird .

First episode June 28th started to feel lightheaded and dizzy. Couldn’t sit up without wanted to pass out. Went to the ER and they told me I was perfectly fine .

June 29-July 4th felt out of it . Ears kept clogging . Balance was becoming worst . Felt me swaying back and forth . Felt like I was gonna fall. So I became be-ridden so nothing could happen .

July 5th I noticed my head started to feel heavy and full. Felt throbbing on both sides of temples. Hurt felt sore as well. So stayed in bed because it was the only time I felt like I wasn’t swaying or light I was gonna fall .

July 6-19th got worst because I started to feel like I couldn’t walk . It was hard for me to get up with out rocking . I had to rush to wash up and use the bathroom because my body was feeling off balanced and the room was spinning . I stopped going outside a lot because the sun scared me and being in the car as well . Every time I walk or go out my body starts to sway and I feel me rocking back and forth .

July 23rd I finally seen a ENT doctor and told her what I’ve been experiencing. She referred me to a audiologists and to get a CT scan so they rule out anything else. My appointment for the both are July 30th at Georgetown medstar hospital .

July 24th-Now things are still the same . But I notice my head it starting to feel more right and full on the top and sides of my head . I’ve looked up a lot of things and I believe it could be one or two things (eustachian tube or vestibular migraines) . Tomorrow I’ll find out what’s really been going on !

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Good luck. It could be MAV, in which case you came to the right place. It could also be grief masking as anxiety, which has very similar symptoms to MAV. Once you have the information from the audiologists and the CT scan, please consider making an appointment with a neurologist, preferably one who understands vestibular issues. Please also see your therapist. Both anxiety/depression and MAV are heavy burdens. Anxiety and depression are often found together with MAV. And, all three conditions often start after a period of heavy stress. We need both types of care - physical and emotional.

Good luck with your tests.

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Hi what does MAV stand for abs mean ?

This site is mainly populated with folks who have or suspect they have Vestibular Migraine. This condition has a couple of other names. It used to frequently be called Migraine Associated Vertigo. It is also sometimes referred to as Migraine Variant Balance Disorder.


Thank you for the quick response!

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West Coaster (US) woke up really early.

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Hi what are some natural remedies for migraines .

That’s a huge question because there are a lot of answers.

  1. Reduce stress. Seek therapy to deal with underlying issues causing anxiety and/or depression.
  2. Follow a migraine diet - use the search function here; there are a few variations.
  3. Get adequate hydration and electrolytes.
  4. Get adequate daily aerobic exercise.
  5. Adopt a sleep schedule that is consistent and provides no more or less than 7-9 hours sleep per night at the same time every day.
  6. Try some of the supplements. The most popular are magnesium and Q10 but the list is long. Use the search function here. Read our wikis.
  7. Meditate.

None of these are quick. You have to do them all at the same time. It takes time and diligence to break migraine cycles.


Wow thank you so much

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Hi when I’m watching tv I notice it moves a lot . What can be the cause of that ?

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That’s a sign your vestibular system is not happy for some reason. Do you notice it with one eye more than the other? Follow through with your doctors.


I’m not sure . It’s happens on and off . Mostly when I’m nervous .

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Sure. That happened to me. When stressed. A very good idea to learn how to keep your stress levels low and avoid a lifestyle that exacerbates it.

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I will take that into consideration. I’m also curious what kind of food so I eat and avoid !

The 6C’s. Have you read the wiki?

Most of all avoid Caffeine.


What are the 6 Cs and kinda nervous went to patient first for a migraine shot and the doctor said he concerned about my symptoms and now I’m scared . Been Nervous all day. Please someone help me calm myself . Feeling popping in my left ear and feet are sweaty

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I think anxiety is your bigger issue. Have you seen your therapist?

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Yes I’m seeing one now . I think they maybe the real problem . I have generalized anxiety . So it’s pretty bad . I’m gonna beat it . Have to stay strong and tell myself that it will get better .

A few months ago I was perfect and then comes May and things went down hill . I believe I can be suffering from anxiety that is causing these problems