Waking Up with Pain/VM (pillow or tmj alt treatment needed)

Hi There,
Trying to find my threshold and triggers for Migraine/VM after recent diagnoses and I’ve noted I’ve been waking up with neck discomfort/beginning of migraines very frequently over the past few months.

Has anyone had success with any alternative treatments to calm the jaw?

Has anyone had success with any certain brand of pillow/level of elevation? Now i have 3 or so pillows at a slanted angle so i can adjust them as needed, because lying to low will bring on vertigo, but my suboccipital area is so sensitive the stiff pillows i wake up with pain in that area quite often.

I’ve ground my teeth for over a decade and am 100% compliant wearing my custom mouth guard. I actually start invisiline in a couple weeks because my misalignment and shifting in my teeth is starting to chip my teeth pretty rapidly (so i must be grinding/clenching during the day and not realizing).

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