What are your Food triggers

Im not sure if I have food triggers or not. But I do notice every once in a while I get more dizzy, out of the blue.
Or get a headache for no reason. Usually dont get headaches, this is new. thinking its hormone related.

I do drink coffee every morning, but sometimes it makes my head feel better, other times no change. Never noticed
it making me more dizzy or headache afterwards.

So anyone out there have food triggers, and if so what are they, how long does it take to trigger your head/dizziness, AND…
does your family members have food triggers as well? See my mom doesn’t so, wondering how close migraine symptoms are.


I just started the migraine diet 3 weeks ago. You are supposed to eliminate the triggers that are listed in bucholz book then after being symptom free for 4 months you may start adding the foods you miss the most one at a time to see if its a trigger food for you. The triggers that you eliminate are caffeine…Msg…chocolate…anything with nitrates or nitrites…alcohol…onions…any processed foods…hot dogs …citrus…etc. I’m sure I missed s few. The book says you should be able to tell if it works in a few months. Ive noticed a difference after 3 weeks. It may work for some people but not all. Hope this helped a little. Ill look up the name of the book and post it. Good luck… kathy

Heal your headache 1-2-3 the author is David Buchholz

Thanks for the info Kathy, Im well aware of the diet- basically dont eat anything. lol
Im asking What are YOUR food triggers. Trying to find what are common amongst us.
Honestly, I cant follow that diet. There is pretty much nothing to eat. I found a low
sodium diet much more easy to follow then the migraine one.


Mine are bananas, peanut butter, caffeine, walnuts, onions, any kind of citrus, MSG, fresh bread and sodium nitrates. The worst is any kind of artificial sweeteners. I’ve never noticed the food triggers effecting my vertigo but they can bring on a headache immediately.

Well, I did a blood test for food sensitivities and low and behold many of the highly sensitive items were on the migraine list also…chocolate, coffee, onions, bananas, citrus. I have gone 5 months without them. I cut out beef and gluten and all the other “highly sensitive” listed items too. Gluten is a trigger for me. When I have cheated I feel awful. I’m not ready to test the waters yet as this diet has decreased the headache part considerably. Plus my digestion is better. I don’t plan on going back to eating it and I am okay without having the beef. I don’t miss chocolate like I thought I would. It is like negative reinforcement…I look at it and think “bad headache and dizziness…no thanks…not worth it”. The one thing I would just love to gobble up is a pizza…which would be a real whopper with all of its ingredient. One thing I can look back on is having lots of weekend headaches and dizziness…well, we ordered a lot of pizzas on Friday night. lol Now when I get the weekend distress it is either a letdown or weather related. I also got headaches from Splenda and also tested sensitive to it.

Maybe raisins, but haven’t identified anyone else?

Thanks you guys. Im not sure what is going on but things are changing for me, first my dizziness changed in February, now Im getting headaches.
I only get headaches when coming off of topamax, and for one day monthly. Calculated this and its been happeneing since Dec. 1x a month, same time. :wink:

Elisha, Im thinking I wished I wouldn’t have gotten the Mirena, but I did it because I needed toknow if it could help and wanted to do it b4 I get back to work, just in case it causes any problems, and well maybe thats to blame for these headaches.

Its so hard to tell if I have any food triggers because Im still dizzy most of the time, just less intensity. But Onions im thinking maybe one.

*How Soon After do you get Dizzy or get a Headache?


For me it’s wheat, dairy, food additives especially msg, anything with citric acid in, barley malt and sometimes grapes if I eat too many. It takes me from a few hours to three to four days to react.


definitely aspartame

Only really caffeine so far. But I don’t get the killer headaches, usually anyway. What I have is the chronic vertigo and dizziness.
I think anxiety is a big trigger for me, hence the caffeine. And stress oh boy yes!! Also if I skip meals and snacks.

— Begin quote from "Brenda"

For me it’s wheat, dairy, food additives especially msg, anything with citric acid in, barley malt and sometimes grapes if I eat too many. It takes me from a few hours to three to four days to react.

— End quote

Really four days later, never knew that was even possible. the food is out of our system before then. Thats crazy.
Is it possible to have eaten something else on that fourth day and not realize its a trigger?

I get my food test tomorrow, cant wait.


Hi Kristina

I know it sounds bizarre - it did to me at first. But believe me it is so. As I just cannot get on with meds at all, my only tool to handle MAV is working with food and environmental/chemical triggers, so I have been fairly meticulous over the last five years or so in observing time lines of cause and effect etc. Particularly over the last couple of years when I’ve been extremely tuned into my body and its reactions.

I’ve been very careful, more so latterly, of not attributing symptoms to food when it might have been something else. I have stuck rigidly to not introducing any other suspect foods while testing something, not using any different toiletries or cosmetics, always noticing and logging any environmental factors outside my control which might skew my conclusions, being aware of hypoglycemic issues and stress of course. It’s been time consuming and at times very limiting and although I realise it’s not been a scientific process as such, I think it’s been very worthwhile for me personally.

As far as the time lag between ingestion and reaction is concerned, it’s known that delayed food
senstivities can occur up to 72 hours later and even beyond. I know I react to food opioids and so it could be that the leaky gut theory (if you buy into it!) is in play with me and that would explain the delay.

Hope this helps! Let us know how your food test goes, it should be interesting. I had one too a few years ago.


Aged cheese
Coffee (decaf too)
Deli foods
Bottled sauces
Citrus fruit
Dried fruit

Basically, everything that tastes great and the foods I love most. :frowning:

Oh I forgot MSG! I have avoided it for years, not knowing it was migraine trigger for me just knowing it made me feel horrible.

And, now, a friend brought me a big piece of home made banana bread. sigh. Guess what? Head hurts, tinnitus volume up all day long, eustacian tubes all plugged. Damn!

Also, has anyone tried the Feed Your Mitocondria diet? Now I’m going to forget the lady’s name…an MD with MS who reseached the heck outta the brain and food etc and got herself up from a zero gravity chair to walking, horseback riding, hiking, all kinds of stuff.

Dr Terry Wahls!! Google her. The Ted interview on youtube resonated with me on sooooo many levels, both pre and post diagnosis. I’m substituting shallots for onions and it feels right to me to eat like this. Except I don’t eat organ meats but then again we migraineurs take CoQ10 supplements and that is the reason for the organ meats in her diet.

Costco in the US has a coupon right now for capsule and liquid Q10 - April 12 thru May 6th $5 off no limit.

Itrailedd migraine diet but didn’t find any definitive culprits. I have given up caffeine and aspartame. I can admit that I feel like a new person without caffeine. I try to stay away from MSG but its nearly impossible. I think my biggest triggers are stress let down and barometric pressure changes.

Just learning this week of a def one for me: Deli meats!! I hardly ever ate them anyway, but a friend took me to lunch and without thinking I ordered a turkey sandwich. No onions or anything, so I didn’t think about it much. Then came the tinnitus, volume to the sky. Ears, tubes plugged. This was Monday, I was still dealing with it yesterday ate all veg was really focused. And then came today. I feel as tho I have the flu, head aches, body aches. Yuck.

I realized when I first looked into my diagnosis that I had been having a chronic migraine for about 2 years before the acute vertigo took hold. Now I know for sure that most of those ‘flus’ I had, weren’t.

This seems to be a long, slow learning process.

Didn’t have much luck IDing triggers on the Bucholtz diet. BUT, since then, I think I’ve figured out that raisins/dried fruit (sheesh) may be a trigger for me. (I’ve completely fuzzed over my head shortly after having some Raisinets (I really like them so I ate quite a few in one sitting :wink: ) and then my head also fuzzed over after having a large bowl of raisin bran recently. Of course, they both could were double-whammies in terms of potential triggers. But chocolate by itself seems to be fine for me (unless I’m already feeling lousy), as does plain bran cereal. So, I’m blaming the raisins, which I really only like in those two forms anyhow. Ergo, not a total loss if I can’t eat them (or any other dried fruits).

wish i had some…then maybe i could start honing in on the problem(s) with me :smiley:

the only trigger (to date) that i have found is sleep deprivation…and it is one hell of a trigger…ugh

good luck kiddo


Erika, I’m impressed that you can eat bran cereal. I loved raisin bran, but I have foregone it both because of the raisins and because bran cereal always contains malt. Maybe you can quaff beer, too? (Perhaps quaffing is too messy.)