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What has helped you? Natural + prescribed medication

I am interested in hearing everything that has helped you gain some respite from vestibular migraines.
Be it supplements, diet, sleep schedule I want to hear it.

Trying everything I possibly can to deal with VM as much as possible.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome.

Of course you could insert the phrase ‘what got you better’ into the Search facility to access the vast archive that exists.

However I don’t think you will find many people prepared to write at enough length to cover such a broad topic. Neither would it give you other than a very restricted biased view being as those current posters have only a limited experience compared to the vast numbers who have previously left their legacy on this site.

Far as I see your best way of finding further information would be to trawl through the various Polls, there’s one containing the 20 most commonly referenced medications on site and a similar one relating to Supplements where I can tell you off the top of my head Magnesium comes out top. Any keyword inserted into the Search facility will produce relevant threads relating to any other lifestyle changes, diet, etc you might wish to research.

Of course I have no way of knowing your intentions with regard to your request. If you may be thinking the imagined responses would solve your own problems I can only say I don’t think it’s quite that simple dealing with MAV. To give you some insight into what I mean I suggest you read some of our ‘Success Stories’ and/or dip into some ‘Personal Diaries’. I expect your conclusion reached may well be control involves combinations of a variety of measures, combined with the passage of time, some good luck and a large dose of fortitude. About the only way of achieving success is to keep trying various combinations of all the things you mentioned until you prove lucky.

Here’s hoping you will find a way forwards that helps you.

Medication mention count in User Cards

POLL: What supplements have helped you?

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The answers are all over the site. Please use search. We don’t need another kitchen sink Topic answered only by those few currently visiting who’ve had success (the really successful ones are not here anymore, can you blame them?)

In meantime here’s the big med poll we did: POLL: The Big Med Poll: What is helping/helped you?

And look at the stories in #success-stories-positivity. Respond to one of them if you need more info from them. Maybe they will return and answer.

Look at #pro-tips, #user-polls and look at the #support-wiki

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