What supplements do you take?

I’ve been diagnosed with vestibular migraine by an ENT but have yet to see a neurologist-which at this point will probably be the fall before I’m able to get in. So, I’m not on any medications or do anything that’s helping with my symptoms. Are there any supplements that you take that have helped you? Or ANYTHING that helps? I currently take magnesium and B2 but I haven’t noticed them really helping me “feel better”.

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You might find this useful:

In general there’s a whole lot of useful info only a search away.

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This is great, thank you so much!

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Hi, supplements are definitely worth a shot. I also tried magnesium and B2, and CoQ10. CBD oil can be helpful if you live in an area that allows it. A migraine diet can also be very helpful. In my case, I got most of my improvements with medication and time… Have you tried a migraine diet yet? Some people are able to resolve their issues completely on diet alone. That is the first thing I would do while waiting for a Neurologist appointment.

Magnesium, multivitamin, b-complex

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I haven’t tried the diet yet, ordered the Heal your Headache book today, along with the supplement Migravent, since it combines all of those supplements. Thanks so much for your input!
P.s. what CBD oil is recommended? My state does allow it, but I have never looked into it or thought about it! Also, you say time and medication helped you-how long did it take for you? Were you able to find a root cause? Ok, thanks again!

Thank you! Sounds like I’m on the right path for now. Thanks for your input!

Heal your Headache book is what I followed and it helped. Migravent is a good choice. Charlotte’s Web is sort of the gold standard for CBD treatment of neurological conditions, but the stuff is expensive! Next best options are Bluebird Botanicals or Lazarus Naturals (my favorite). Start with 5mg in the evening before bed. My psychiatrist advised me to not to go much past 20mg. If you can’t get any of these brands where you live, just walk into any pot shop and ask for CBD with no THC (a little THC is fine, but generally not a good idea). If you don’t have any medication options for a while I would definitely give CBD a shot.

I am at about 3.5 years in. First year was awful, no improvement. Second year I saw a glimmer of hope but still not much improvement until the end. Start of third year made big improvements and I’m near 100% recovered now as I write this.

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