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Covid Vaccine

Here’s how the mRNA vaccines function:

Here’s how COVID replicates:


I’ll wait. Thanks. I’m not anti-vaccine. My kids are fully vaccinated except for the new Covid vaccine. Presenting evidence that questions the official narrative isn’t conspiracy theory. It’s just other facts and opinions. Lockstep conformity and lack of individual critical thinking are dangerous to society.

I’m willing to be ostracized and to look insane if that means I wait out the human trials phase. No long term affects are known because we haven’t had the time to test it. Covid is highly survivable for nearly everyone. And if the vaccine works, you have nothing to fear from me. But the coming medical apartheid and tyranny are something we should all fear.


Oh here we go:

“The Covid jabs rollout for younger people should be paused. That is the suggestion of a senior government adviser, who said it should be halted until regulators have issued firm guidance on the safety of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.“

I just asked my dr. About the vaccine. They said your symptoms but get higher but they will pass. It usually makes migraine headaches higher in patients. She said getting covid is way worse with VM than getting the vaccine. I’m still nervous though !

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The regulators portrayed the statistics in a very strange way today, to make it look way worse than it is. There is a higher probability of anyone getting run over by a car. My friends mum is a Head ICU nurse, and apparently due to AstraZeneca supply shortages, they want to shift peoples attention to the other vaccines.

Also due to the reputational damage the Covid-19 vaccine has caused AstraZeneca’s reputation, they apparently want out of the vaccine game.

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I don’t subscribe to any of those conspiracy theories that abound. I firmly believe Covid is real. It exists and for many it can prove deadly. The one conspiracy I see is that of all the U.K. media always painting the very worst case scenario for every aspect throughout the entire pandemic. This has been so consistent as to have to have been be orchestrated from the highest level. If you follow certain lines very closely you can even successfully predict the next forthcoming announcement so the apparent insider bit of information you give doesn’t surprise me one bit. Each announcement is made to ‘prepare’ us for what’s to come next. AZ appears to have had all the bad publicity despite their speed of delivery and at cost production runs it seems they can’t win.


Covid is real. However there is alot of politics and games being played out between the UK & EU (and other countries around the world). That in itself damages public confidence in the vaccines, and hinders the roadmap for unlocking.


I don’t blame anyone for being nervous about having a needle shoved in their arm!

It had no VM symptom effects on me, and take a look at the poll results from forum users. I felt achey and miserable and more than usually sorry for myself for 48 hours afterwards.

Everyone’s different. I must have looked particularly vulnerable when I entered the building as they gave me all the details in a special ‘easy read’ format with lots of pictures. Best wishes for whatever you do.

Just some other opinions then I guess:

This is a guy who is very much pro-vaccine. His warnings are about timing. Take it or leave it.

I think what I don’t like about some of the posts in this thread is their callous attitude to human life.

One post, for example, states that Covid is “not really a cause for concern to the under 60s.” Well… I take it that many of us who are under 60 have parents or grandparents who are over 60, who we don’t want dying a prolonged death from suffocation?

Sure, if you’re under 60 you probably won’t die (though some will). But you may infect your parents, friends or co-workers who are over 60, or who are more physically vulnerable, and their outcome may not be so positive. I think older people, people with underlying health conditions and disabilities etc. deserve a chance at living too…

The point of the masks, social distancing etc. isn’t to stop you catching Covid, it’s to stop you transmitting Covid to other people. And I find it frustrating that attempts to implement these most basic public health measures are being framed as “government propaganda.”

This all reminds me of HIV in the 80s, which people just angrily dismissed because, as they saw it, it only affected gay men and drug addicts. Just as now, there arose an entirely selfish response: “It doesn’t affect me, I’m not afraid, I don’t care.”

Now, 40 years later, about 35 million people worldwide have died from HIV. There are now treatments that are highly effective. Yet, interestingly, there are still many “HIV dissidents,” who don’t believe HIV exists, who refuse to take precautionary measures, who refuse to accept the diagnosis if it’s given to them, and so forth.

I think people stick their head in the sand because it’s easier than feeling terrified.

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The WHO estimates 265 million people are likely to be food insecure or outright starve to death as a result of supply chain disruptions and lockdowns. That is fact, not a hypothetical risk for a disease that leaves 99.8% alive. There is nothing callous about recognizing this preventable and immense human tragedy and suffering - of poor people of every color all over the world - even if most of us are coddled and never choose to see it.


Thanks for the reply!

You’ll notice my post didn’t mention lockdowns, because I agree they’re a disaster for everyone.

Though I would also add that the statistic you mention, which I haven’t heard before but which I believe, is just another part of the tragedy of Covid. Even just in the UK (where I am), the tragedy isn’t only the Covid deaths and illnesses, it’s the cancelled cancer treatments because all hospitals are full to capacity, it’s the missed cancer screenings, etc. It’s - to give a personal example - my sister who has been in agony with endometriosis for two years now because her appointments keep being pushed back. And this doesn’t touch on the mental health aspect, which we’ve all felt.

You seem to think all of that is an argument for not taking Covid seriously, and not trying to prevent its’ spread. And I guess I draw the opposite conclusion. A virus has hit and created chaos - a domino-effect - and we need to grab it by the roots, destroy it, then find some way back to normality.


I had no intentions of getting involved in this thread as the subject far too contentious for my liking. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Yet, here I am.

My very simple thought here is: prior to the CoVid pandemic, when we saw someone with a mask on we may assume they were wearing them to protect themselves from airborne antigens (bacteria, viruses, pollen, pollutants etc). They could be immune compromised or simply have hay fever and need to protect themselves from allergens; Or as in China (pre-pandemic) due to bad air quality.

To mandate the entire populace to wear a face covering including all perfectly healthy people and children is beyond asinine to me. This face covering also can be made of anything you wish (Cotton, polyester, paper blends of any porosity) which have been proven in most cases not to filter this microscopic virus. This may help you psychologically but does nothing for you in actuality.

I certainly agree that if you are “terrified” as you put it or compromised you should 100% wear a mask… by all means.
I should not be forced to wear one however since I am not.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply!

Yes, here we are!! And no, it shouldn’t be contentious, it should be an interesting discussion and perhaps disagreement. :slight_smile:

I think I just come back to the fact that masks do help prevent the spread of Covid, though I’m sure it’s not perfect. It is undeniably annoying, but I think I’d prefer to be annoyed than to infect the people around me. I don’t think my own comfort is more important than public health.


I’ll pop in the conversation just to give my testimony. I had the covid (moderna) jab 2 weeks ago.
The morning I had the jab I was feeling great. My VM is basically gone!!
Though it has made no change on my VM and that is great now I seem to have a new condition that developed hours after the jab: I have twitching of the muscle with pain and cramps and I am 2 weeks in now non stop.
No need to say I regret having the jab

I’m sorry Joanna. I sincerely hope that resolves.


Thanks :slight_smile:

What do the doctors say? If you were U.K. based which I appreciate you are not I’d say you need to report that under the Yellow Card system but I assume other countries have some similar arrangement in place.

I got the vaccine back in March and my second dose in April. I’ve not noticed any changes in my symptoms. I have heard of other people who got the vaccine and other chronic viral conditions actually improved. Coincidence? Gibbs rule 39: There is no such thing as a coincidence.