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Covid Vaccine

Which vaccine did you get? I am not sure whether I should get Pfizer or Moderna. I am worried about dizziness.

I got Pfizer. The first dose of Pfizer is ok, it’s the second that’s worse.

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The first I had a small headache and slept like a log. Sore arm though for days. The second also gave me a sore arm, but this time I woke up at 2am with chills then fever and sore achy legs. Was fine by the morning.


I’d read everywhere that that would be the case, more side effects from the second dose. Very different side effects from you but I too proved that to be the case. Interestingly that didn’t apply to the AZ blood clot was the first dose that caused that.

I got the Pfizer and I’m only on the first dose

It really should be fine. Just listen to your body. It’s busy making an immune response so might be tiring you, causes a few symptoms. It should pass x

I’m hoping that’s what it is. 3rd day and dizziness was worse today. I hope it passes and is temporary

Had my second dose of Moderna two days ago felt awful on the day after better today but dizziness is bad head pressure too. Still I don’t regret having it I’m sure Covid is worse…

Yeah I’m sure COVID is. I’m hoping it passes !

Are you still dizzy four days after getting Pfizer @Lunapalm?

There’s a slight increase increase in dizziness/balance I’m noticing compared to my usual baseline but it’s coming and going

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I am still procrastinating. We have had very few Covid cases here in Queensland (Australia), but that is likely to change once the state-borders are going to open. So I need to get the vaccine. I can deal with a sore arm or a fever, but the thought of being more dizzy gives me anxiety.

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I think once the borders open, I’d rather be vaccinated. I think it would be fine. X

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Everything I read has pointed to that it’s temporary. Just don’t go on message boards lol


I was on Betahistine during the time of my first shot because of many doctors here don’t know much about vertigo and they only know one medicine. The day I got the vaccine was very hot, I was dehydrated, was standing in a long queue for a really long time. Maybe these were the major factors but I had my worst attack of vertigo after the first shot. It started next day at midnight. Around 4 or 5 am. I was vaccinated with covishield(AstraZeneca in India).
I was extremely terrified during the time of my second shot. Kept myself hydrated. This time there was no line, the weather was not so hot and nothing happened that time. Maybe these factors plays a huge role.

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Hi there! I got my first Moderna covid vaccine on September 18th and 5 days later I started experiencing extremely increased dizziness. I already had a pretty mild case but it just shot through the roof! I also have increased ear fullness, and my tinnitus it has increased as well. The symptoms have not subsided any. Is anyone else experiencing this? Please tell me these go back to baseline levels after some time. Thank you.:heart:

Yes I can identify with this although nothing on my first shot second one was the one increases in dizziness nausea etc did settle down after a week possibly not related but got a kidney infection a week later ,dizziness increases again guess the vaccine trashes the immune system in some people any infection or inflammation seems to excite my MAV…

First shot was fine, the only side effect is I cant move my arm it was so heavy
10 days after the second shot, I had high temperature, dizziness, headache, un clear vision, rashes
The blood test shows that I have infection in the blood. I am not sure what this is means.
Next plan is to do MRI & Spinal cord biopsy.

I am 100% sure that this is the side effect of the vaccine, but it was not optional in my country it’s mandatory to take the vaccine….

I will tell you this: I got my first Moderna jab on 9/18 and my symptoms are out of control: screaming tinnitus, intense vertigo 24/7, brain fog, fatigue. I was set back to square one. Do as you wish, this is just my experience.

Most what I see is that people return back to baseline and it is just temporary. I’m hoping this!!