Downside to washing hair

Hi all, I thought I would just mention that when I was my hair in the shower and the water submerges my ears that afterwards I get a cracking, slight aching and fullness (more than usual) in my ears. This can then trigger a Migraine response. Its not everytime but it has happened on the odd occasion and I thought it is interesting…

Is this something that happens to many of us MAV sufferers?


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How are you washing your hair?

I used not to be able to bend down much. I would get an escalation of tinnitus at the very least or a massive and lasting increase in dizziness that would take days to return to baseline.

Imho do not bend over to wash your hair. Stand up or squat. Keep your head above your waist.

It can happen to me if I’m in the shower too long. The fullness and dizziness kick up, especially if I’m already pushing my limits. I don’t get the cracking sensation tho and my neck may act up a little bit if I’m really pushing it but it happens after the shower.
Last night after working on the car I showered and I was already dehydrated too (massive dizziness, that led almost into vertigo) so reading this post I was like, yes, sadly.

I don’t have fullness in my ears like many here do, thank God for one less symptom! However, showering in general is one of my most anxious things. I shower every morning and wash my hair, the leaning of my head even slightly back to rinse makes me dizzy. Also, washing my face is hard since my eyes are closed and I depend on them so much for orientation of where I am in space. Strange things to describe to anyone but people like us!

Hi. I wash my hair over the sink and I always feel worse afterwards! Have had tinnitus for at nearly 30 years and have never been able to put my head backwards without feeling dreadful. Sure its something to do with my neck as well… R.


Any sort of vestibular disorder makes for visual dependency. In the shower anything that blocks vision can cause dizziness, closing eyes or just looking through the misty veil of water, and if you happen to have a shower over a bath in addition you are moving feet off terra firma too. I remember being really ill, sitting in a stationery car outside a superstore through a heavy thunderstorm. The water running down the windscreen! Horrendeous. If you have poor balance tilting your head backwards can cause disorientation because your brain loses sight of the horizon. Helen


Your right Helen, I remember getting locked in the back of my friends van when I went out to collect balloons for a party - the door shut and bang I completely lost my barings felt dizzy and it was pitch black in there :face_vomiting: horrendous!

And I dont use those drive through car washes anymore either not good for me at all. :thinking::exploding_head:


Just went through the car wash yesterday and know that exact feeling of panic! The blue fabric surrounding the car-- it looks like no end in sight like you’re stuck in this rain chamber. It made me feel really claustrophobic and stuck as the car was driven through by the belted machine.

Hi @Space_Cadet!!
How awful is that?! When the belt under the tyres is rocking back and forth!:confounded::face_vomiting: not fun!
I dont use Lifts, Aeroplanes or public transport… its horrendous! My brain is far too sensitive and feels asif its flipping upside down. Can’t cope :confounded:

Hahaha I totally forgot about the car pitching back and forth because of the belted machine. I remember saying that made it worse because it felt like when I have vertigo like someone is push/pulling me and on top of that hearing the super soaker noise and not being able to see outside… everything all in one!

Escalator was a recent one I had occur a month and a half ago or so, so I hear ya!

I was OK with the elevator at the hospital visiting my neurologist and also the elevator for the casino, but I tend to skip the elevator now wherever I can if I can.

Airplanes? Forget it, you won’t catch me taking one at all; especially with this ear pressure feeling and going for drives in hilly inclines and my ears decide they want to go up and get stuck like that for a given time. An airplane for me would be a nightmare.

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I had my first stable and normal experience with an escalator last week! Not that it was the worst test for me, but I could always tell I was sensitive to it.


Oh, escalators, lifts, car being refuelled, panting dog in the back of the car, tubular chairs, different shoes, thick carpet, sand, have all got to me many times. Helen

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I went to a concert only last week… actually was the start of one of these bad days. I remember feeling faint most of the day and as the evening got on I was feeling a little better and I didnt want to let my friends down so decided to go.
Strobe lights, loud music, and I wasnt on a end seat so was locked in and couldn’t just get up and leave when the Migraine came. All I could feel were the stage/row of chairs ricochet and wobble. I felt so sick, my head felt like it was flipping upside down. Omg :open_mouth::weary:

Sorry about your recent concert experience. A concert just throws the book at MAV. All the triggers in the one bag. You so remind me of @rosjane, and conversations we’ve had. When It comes to MAV, much as it may go against the grain, one has to put oneself first and learn to say ‘No’. Trigger avoidance is probably as important as taking the meds. Helen

I thought it was a good idea at the time, looking back now… not one of my greatest moments! I guess I just dont want to miss out on life as a 27yr old. This has been with me since I was 18 and also diagnosed with MS at 21 so I do feel asif I dont live like my friends… I dont drink, go abroad, go out clubbing. Its hard to adapt but I suppose I have no choice because it doesnt look asif it is going away any time soon… :thinking::disappointed::triumph:

The car wash feeling ugggh! Just had one few says ago and everthing looked like matrix codes. Almost panicked and was about to leave in the middle of the car wash but noticed there is no emergency door opener. I will be going to a self car wash from now on


Even the car washes where your not drive in are difficult as soon as they cover the screen with suds and bubbles and I can no longer see out and the weight of their bodies pushing against the car making it rock nearly freak me out, ive nearly got out before today :eyes::dizzy:

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Sorry about your experience. Speaking of washing hair, have you gone to a salon recently to get your hair done? I have issues where i will be sitting and i sort of rock and i had to hold the chair with my hair for dear life while getting it cut.

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Yeah I actually was at the salon last Friday, always makes me feel really wierd. I never mention it to anyone but those bloody sinks you have to slot your head into are absolutely brutal! Im thinking of getting a mobile hairdresser because it hurts my neck so much… off the scale

I always wash my hair first before I go so I can void those sinks.