NEW LED TV and increase in symptoms

My husband and I just bought a new 77" LED TV. (We are sitting 13 feet away from it which for me is a little bit too close with that huge screen) Wasn’t even thinking that it would could make my symptoms worse as I was feeling much better with a remission of symptoms for months now. We had it installed yesterday and as we were watch a series last night my eyes started to get the flickering and I felt dizzy with a slight feeling of the vertigo right on the edge waiting to get me. I don’t want to complain to my husband but I have to think of ways of dealing with this now. I am going to try wearing my blue light glasses tonight and see if that helps. Any other suggestions?

Gosh. I had to google that one. Never heard of an LED TV. Um, yes I see. I don’t understand technology behind LED one bit. Complete mystery to me but yes, would be huge trigger for me too. As would a 3D TV. MAV brains always resent change anyway and that’s a big one. Home here we only have one perhaps 28” Smart TV and a smaller wall mounted 20”? One. With MAV I much prefer the smaller one. Just hoping it stays healthy. I’ll never throw it out. The larger one I can watch but not always. I‘ve reacted to strange TVs in other people’s houses and that was probably because of the colours seem stronger/different. All too much for an already confused struggling brain I guess. Blue light is known to be difficult with migraine people. I cannot take any LED lights and had to have black out bedroom curtains fitted because of some security lights on another nearby property. They were blue and that coming through (it’s not even next door) my ordinary curtains woke me up with violent nausea the very first time they were switched on. Helen

Honestly, I don’t know how any brain could cope with staring at the megatron from close distance, let alone an LCD version. I have no strategy advice other than the obvious - trigger avoidance. It’s possible the room with the elephant may just be too visually crowded for you.

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There may be some settings you can play with to make it less annoyjng? Eg Game Mode?But yeah it might be the overall dominance of the screen in the space.

I note you don’t list your meds you take on your user card/profile.

You could consider a mild vestibular suppressant (Amitriptyline)

Couldn’t have put it better myself. With TVs and MAV within reason I’d say smaller is always better.

With 77” (I didn’t notice that last post) I’d say you could be in for a rough ride. Trouble is whether you want to or not your eyes will be drawn to that screen if it’s on and you are in the room. Must admit my first thought at your ‘suggestions’ was. Do you still have the box? Any chance you could swap it for something else? From memory you aren’t medicated so I think your chances of making a go of it with MAV are negligible. Helen

I should have known that the big screen was going to be a problem. Where was my head. I will try it again tonight and see how it goes. I may have to break the bad news to my husband that we need to exchange it for a smaller TV. I need to update my profile also. No meds at the moment but that may change soon with this fiasco.

Annoying TV vs chronic medication = TV has to go imho

However, if you have other reasons to try meds go for it. When I was at my worst I found Amitriptyline the only means by which I could use computers and watch TV.

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For perspective, I am only 63” tall.

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Maybe this Big TV experience is telling you something you needed to know.

We had to return the TV. The screen was way to large for me and my symptoms. We got the next size down and the good news is there is a special setting on the tv for people with vertigo. Never knew this. When we receive the smaller TV they will adjust the settings for people with vertigo so it is easier in the eyes. Apparently, the newer TVs have this setting. So if anyone decides to get a led TV, remember there is a special vertigo setting.


Well, just fancy that. A special vertigo setting. I wonder what percentage of MAVers would be able to tolerate that. Please let us know if you turn out to be one of them. I’m sceptical. Helen

Yes as I suggested. What is the exact technical effect of the setting? That would be interesting.

Returning the TV is better than having to take meds.

Are you able to use computers for reasonable lengths of time?

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Hi Ros,

I was wondering how you were getting on?
Thought I would just chip in here as its funny you mention the TV… we bought a new stand a few weeks ago and now the TV is a little closer to our sofa only by cm’s but since then I’ve had trouble taking in the view without it starting up some jumping vertigo! Its a good thing really because I’ve limited my screen time now. Isn’t it odd that just a few cm difference can cause a dramatic effect on my vertigo? :flushed:

My eyes will adjust in time but they know when somethings being tweeked! Can’t get away with anything… :laughing:


Not really. I used to find that with very slightly varying light levels. The subtlest difference would do it. Such a slight difference non MAVers wouldn’t even notice. The more hyper the senses the more sensitive. As far as your brain is concerned you’ve probably using a different TV.

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We on here really need to know more about that. I’ve searched the internet and come up with nothing so far. I’m always suspicious of hype. Helen

I wish they had a special vertigo setting at the cinema, not that I go very often. Since MAV going to the cinema really ramps up my symptoms. Same here with any small change, change in TV or even putting on sunglasses and my brain doesn’t approve!

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I am going to ask them to explain to me exactly what they did for that vertigo setting and I will let everyone know. I can stay on a computer for about an hour then I have to take a break. I am getting to know my limits to prevent a vertigo attack.


Does that affect your work?

I can’t imagine it could be much. Everything I read involved making sure ‘Smooth Motion’ was engaged and just reducing the enhanced settings for which the TV was originally purchased.

Have had the same issue with the television. We moved into a new home last year and the television is about 10 feet closer to our sofa at the new house. It has taken me months to acclimate! I don’t watch much television and have to be careful about what I do watch. If the camera is panning or shaking, it’s exceptionally difficult.