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Triggers Ranked

I am having a major relapse. It would really help me to know Major Triggers, ranked if you would. Here are mine:

  1. Elevators
  2. Computer use
  3. Phone screen (this new)
  4. Too much car travel
  5. Chocolate
  6. Wine
  7. Who knows?

@shazam when you are feeling better, happy for you to gather a list of triggers and create a poll to ask for people to mark their “Top X” (say three) triggers.

If we get enough contributions we can use it as input for a poll, then we can post a more structured bit of info gathering, which will be more useful to the reader who hasn’t got time to trawl through posts and posts.

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  1. Stress
  2. Doing too much
  3. Hormones
  1. Sleep cycle disruption
  2. Sunlight and certain fluorescent lights
  3. Still working on this one. I suspect stress.

Driving in traffic
Shopping centres

  1. Weather changes
  2. Stress
  3. Doing too much
  4. Hormone changes
  5. Going too long without eating
  6. Lack of or irregular sleep
  7. Fluorescent lights

Certain foods also effect me (like cheese, chocolate, nuts, red wine and too much caffeine) but less so than the others.

I’m still figuring this out but so far I think…

Going too long without eating (being really hungry)
Lack of or irregular sleep
Too much driving
Too much phone or computer use - especially reading fine print
Shopping centre/grocery store lighting
Glare (cloudy day weather for example)
Stress (triggered the onset of this condition)
Maybe alcohol? Haven’t narrowed down a particular type yet
Maybe hormones? Been changing contraceptives so unsure

6.Weather changes especially humidity or grey skies.

  1. Riding as passenger and the driver suddenly brakes or swerves.

  2. Weather changes

  3. Fluorescent lights/ smart phones/computer screens

  4. Certain foods although I stick to very limited diet

  5. loud noises, big trigger for me!

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  1. Coffee
  2. Strenuous yardwork in the hot sun

Not much else these days…

My Top triggers

  1. bad sleep
  2. skipping meals
  3. computers without blue light glasses
  4. too much sun
  5. inactivity and lazing on the couch
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  1. Too much alcohol
  2. Long car/ train rides
  3. Bad sleep
  4. Doing too much
  5. Walking too much
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Just happened on this one.

”The top 5 most common triggers for vestibular migraine are; Stress and anxiety . Poor sleep – both too little, and too much! Hunger and dehydration – missing meals and not taking enough water.”

Subsequently noticed on the Theraspecs website that here Stress is recorded as top trigger.

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Interesting. Caffeine is not in the top five and neither is food, according to your quote.

  1. Hormones
  2. Left overs older than 3 days
  3. Skipping meals/getting too hungry
  4. Chinese food
  5. Hormones again

I’m rather surprised at caffeine not being included but apparently migraine diets only help10% of sufferers. Here in the U.K. only limited numbers of the specialists ever prescribe dietary restrictions. It’s never been mentioned to me.

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I was told by my neurologist that caffeine can be good for migraines (I mentioned this in another post). She also said that complex carbohydrates are good for the brain. That is all the dietary advice I got. She also said that stress, irregular meals and dehydration are often major triggers.

I hope someone is going to take all this data, and aggregate it as a consolidated poll, because it’s not easy to draw any conclusions from this Topic at present.


-Screens (phone!!, computer)
-Not drinking enough water (I need at least 100oz a day)
-Tyramine, leftovers
-Corn, and other food which I’m still trying to figure out